oh my god what is my life

What she says: I like DRAMAtical Murder

What she means: Help me, I have fallen into the dark gay abyss and I cannot escape. There is no hope, only darkness with no means of escape, save yourselves. These assholes have ruined my life and now there is no end in sight. I used to be a good girl, full of life and potential, but now I swim in filth. Please take me to church.

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convrsation between a cap & a sag that are in love

ugly n sappy but that’s only bc this is one of my “problematic” otps, so here u go. prepare 2 cringe a lot
sagittarius: i love you a lot
capricorn: you what
sagittarius: i love you. i want to travel the world with you. i want to run away with you. i want to spend my life with you.
capricorn: oh
sagittarius: you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, i hope you know that. when i say i love you, i mean it more than anything.
capricorn: i, um–
sagittarius: and i know we have our differences and our arguments, but they hold absolutely no significance to me. you’re my world :-)
capricorn: oh my god, i–
sagittarius: and i… oh!! u wanted to say smthn??
capricorn: oh nvm. it’s nothing.
sagittarius: ok then. are you ok?
capricorn: IT’S JUST… I LOVE YOU, TOO
sagittarius: omg you’ve never said it back to me. are u serious
capricorn: all those times i didn’t say it back… those times hold absolutely no significance to me. you’re my world :-)


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like tour starts in less than a week and louis would know that he can’t avoid liam forever and he’s going have to suck it up so he doesn’t have a mental breakdown on stage and there’s nobody he can talk to about it because what can he tell them “the love of my fucking life doesn’t love me back”? and so he isolates himself.

he doesn’t leave the house he just stays inside and smokes a lot of weed and tries to do anything that doesn’t remind him of liam but it’s futile because liam goddamn payne is everywhere. he’s seeped into every corner and every crevice of louis’ life and there’s nothing he can do about it and it’s no wonder louis fell so hard, head-first into love.

louis doesn’t think he’s ever been so nervous for a show before and he’s jittering. the crowd is loud and he wants to yell and cover his ears but he steps out there and plasters on a smile. he’s going to try because that’s all he’s ever been able to do.

it’s okay, it is. liam still bounces across the stage like a labrador and he basks in the stage lights like a god. it’s no wonder everyone adores him. louis decides harassing niall about his hat and his golf is probably a good distraction until it looks like niall is genuinely upset and is considering giving louis an elbow to the face.

so he focuses on the fans, tries to wave and not to let his voice crack as he sings. and then the guitars start and louis knows what song is coming next. he remembers sitting outside on a garage roof with cigarettes and shit food writing the song with the boy who was, is his entire world.

the lights hit liam and he looks so beautiful and he sounds so beautiful when he sings: you tell me that you’re sad and lost your way, you tell me that your tears are here to stay, but I know you were only hiding..

and louis doesn’t sing his solo. he’s practically off stage by the time the song finishes, pushing the heels of his hands into his eyes. telling, not asking liam that he’s just going to the loo before locking himself in there for a moment to breathe before he lets his heart break even more.

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I've noticed you're a pretty big Terry Pratchett fan, and I've been thinking about reading some of his material. Would you recommend reading his Discworld series in order? Also, what do you think of his non-Discworld books? Thank youuu!!

OH MY GOD, you have no idea how delighted I am to get this ask. Seriously. You are so correct, I am a MASSIVE Terry Pratchett fan, and getting to help other people become fans of things I am a fan of is, like, my one true goal in life.

Answering this publicly just in case other people are interested, hope you don’t mind. :D

As for his non-Discworld books: they are also ace! The undisputed best one is Nation, which I highly recommend, but in general, I do prefer Discworld. Because it’s Discworld, and therefore superior. There are also some that aren’t always classed as part of the Discworld series but are technically set on the Disc: the Tiffany Aching series and The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents. These are fantastic and also decent jumping off points, if you’re looking for something a little separate from the rest.

Reading order is…a complicated question. I am going to start off by saying: no. Don’t read it in chronological order. Don’t do it. Everyone tries to start with The Color of Magic, and they have made a mistake. It’s a good book, but Pterry is still hammering out the rules of his new world, and Rincewind is, frankly, his weakest main character.

The thing about Discworld is that you can kind of start anywhere. There are mini series within the series as a whole (Rincewind, the Guards, the Witches, Death, Moist von Lipwig) and there are also books that are completely standalone. Here are some suggestions, then:

If really badass old ladies and a lot of meta and spoofs on stories sound like your cup of tea, check out Wyrd Sisters! (And then continue on with the witches series-within-the-series.)

If a conman turned government official who’s a total adrenaline junkie and tends to let his mouth run away with him and ends up doing the most ridiculous shit sounds like the best main character ever, try Going Postal. (And then its direct sequel, Making Money.)

If you like the idea of a mostly ensemble cast, crime, and some of the funniest and most meaningful treatises on, like, what it means to be a good person, the law, privilege, and capitalism, you’re looking for the Watch. Start with Guards! Guards! and don’t stop.

If you’re looking for a standalone book, so you can try one without committing to starting a series, and you like weird gender shenanigans and war, try Monstrous Regiment. If you want a standalone, but you want something a little more urban/mystery-ish, start with The Truth.

And if you are just thinking, damn it, Attila, fuck context, what’s one of your all time favorites, then, like–well, still try any of those, I didn’t recommend anything I don’t love, but also consider giving Hogfather a shot. You’ll be missing some backstories, but it is one of the absolute best.

Let me know if you have any questions, I absolutely love talking about Terry Pratchett. (Obviously.)

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Oh my god, I've been reading your comic lately and it's like changing my life??? I mean I go to a scientific high school and these four years I neaver studied latin, literature or anithing really because I wanted to go to a linguistical (continue)

(Part two) high school but my parents wouldn’t let me but anyway I don’t know, reading your comic I started getting intrested in latin and started studying it and now I’m falling in love with classical literature what the fuck??? (Continue)

(Part three) I’m even studying last year program and I’m falling in love with every single autor like really, what your comic did to me is amazing. So thank you, really. (Actually I’m Italian too, but idk maybe writing in english feels less awkward?)

Ok, first of all, thank you very much for telling me this. Bringing people into appreciating and loving classics is really one of my greatest purposes, and knowing I sometimes succeed really makes me the happiest person ever. Our ancients can still speak to us in a greatly deep and meaningful way, and if we can love them they won’t seem old and dusty and dead anymore. So thank you. Really.

(e non ti preoccupare, lo so che scrivere in inglese a volte è più semplice)

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You know what bothers me about Snow? The way she sees her actions. For example, there's Belle using the dagger on Rumple, in Family Business. Her reaction? 'Oh my God, I hurt you! I abused the dagger's power, I don't desevre you! Snow's reaction' Oh my God, I corrupted a baby, I'm not a hero anymore! And it doesn't even matter that as horrible as what Belle did was, it wasn't actually ruining an unborn baby's life at least. Belle is all like 'I hurt YOU' while Snow is I'M not a hero anymore'.

I have half written meta about this, not just Snow but in general selfish vs unselfish actions.  Snow is selfish.  She’s always been selfish.  

I miss Mary Margaret.

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I HEARD IT. I just listened to Fake Your Death and around 1:20 there´s definitely a whisper that says ¨We´re not done¨. I know you have been already told about this but hell, I am the most skeptical person on this planet and I definitely heart it. I am excited for you to hear it! You´re like the Queen of MCR Shade and Frerard <3

WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO okay, i’m writing this while i’m about to start listening to FYD for the third time in my life. okay. i will officially write my mental breakdown on tumblr. here we go. oh god. 6 seconds into the song and i’m sobbing. fuck. fuck. my heart. okay, here it comes. YOU LOOK AT ALL THAT PAIN GERARD. YOU FUCKING POTATO. okay there was a whisper. i didn’t catch it. wait. i’ll replay it. FUCK I’M DOING THIS FOR Y’ALL. okay i hear something around 1.20. i can’t say what though. 

that was my seizure written as it was happening. i am gonna go now chew some glass headbang some windows… whatever gets me through this. my conclusion is that there’s a whisper but i don’t know what it says. and i don’t know if i’m the queen of mcr shade and frerard, i prefer to be called the child of satan or satan’s successor, but thank you so very much <3


Jon was not afraid of death, but he did not want to die like that, trussed and bound and beheaded like a common brigand. If he must perish, let it be with a sword in his hand, fighting his father’s killers.

What is my life right now? Thank you, just…thank you. I am off to have a tasty dinner and then will dive back into this tag gone wild amokery.

So yeah, follow, submit posts and tweet like mad! Dragonreine (bless her for all the tweets she’s pumped out over the last few days!) said it best:

#ineeddiversegames and I won’t stop talking until it becomes a reality. Haters just have to deal with it

— Kerry Chin (@DragonReine)

October 10, 2014

I don’t get why Slytherins and Gryffindors aren’t best friends for life because bravery and ambition goes so well together they go hand in hand

Like just imagine “I bet you cant slide all the way down the staircase on your trunk before they move or vanish.”


Or “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUVE BEEN TO THE HOSPITAL WING MORE TIMES THAN I HAVE?” And so they run to the hospital wing to ask and everyone in the hospital wing freaks out because oh my god these two are back again what did they jump off of this time

Ambition and Bravery in a friendship will lead to a lot of poorly thought out dares and a lot of trips to the hospital wing AND A GREAT FRIENDSHIP THAT WILL LAST FOREVER

How "Life is Strange" has Consumed my Personal Life
  • me:*finishes another play through of Life is Strange, sighs heavily*
  • boyfriend:What's wrong?
  • me:I'm really worried about this cliff-hanger. Like how will she fix this? What's going to happen???
  • boyfriend:We talked about this.
  • me:But you don't understand- they have to end up together. Like I don't even care what else happens THEY JUST HAVE TO BE TOGETHER.
  • boyfriend:Oh my god.