oh muffin

When my parents don't get a band reference
  • Mom:*bakes muffins* hmm I don't think these turned out too well...
  • Dad:*walks in*
  • Ooh, muffins! *eats muffin* these are great! Have you tried one?
  • Mom:no, not yet.
  • Dad:try one!
  • Mom:*eats muffin*
  • Mom:oh, they're not that bad.
  • Dad:who said they were bad?
  • Mom:me
  • Dad:why would you say that?
  • Me:she's got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to match
  • Mom:
  • Dad:
  • Dad:you just got schooled

so i know it’s natural that with mbti getting more popular it would also get more criticism but i’m kinda disappointed because instead of a fun interesting reads it’s just like well yeah. all of the top tests and sites are absolute rubbish, because they try to simplify it down to things like you’re a feeler and you’re a thinker. but mbti is more than the four letters, people don’t work that way. mbti is really all about the functions. for example, are you an introverted feeler or and extroverted feeler, and what does that even mean and how does it manifest itself. actually everyone just go ahead and watch this guy’s videos yeah. :u

Not So Friendly Les Mis Facts:

This baby that is switched out in Master of the House is confirmed as Gavroche.

wow, there really aren’t enough drawings of guard!Nitori ♥ (tho i really can’t blame you guys… that outfit has way too many details…)

but yeah I totally wanted Nitori to have been a dancer too (or one of rin’s wives lbr)


if you’re in here, tell me so i can add your url c:
i was sooo excited about the hxh cosplays, i wasn’t expecting so many o: there was a kikyo zoldyck, illumi, hisoka, kurapika, and killua as well but I took their pics on my phone and they didn’t come out very good :(

kageyama: xiexiecaptain
hinata: ryuutora
young armin: weebsatan
older armin: oh-my-glob-a-talking-muffin
kaworu: quantumkaworu
rei: o-candle
plugsuit kaworu: sethimmortal
shinji: kittleimp
aya: charusista
fem kaneki:
(unsure of cosplay):
fem hisoka:
fem gon
fem kurapika:
dorian: gonetotheoutback