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But imagine Steve Rogers ferociously defending women who get harassed on the streets. Steve going super red when Darcy tells him about all the shit she faces. Steve publicly denouncing MRA’s and most republicans for making life harder for women and especially getting pissed when governors go on tv and talk about how poor people should just stop being poor because he’s BEEN THERE and he knows how hard it is to function day to day, much less deal with the people running your country telling you you’re a drain on society. Steve Rogers doesn’t like bullies, right, no matter where they’re from.
—  Cam during a super discussion about a Steve Rogers who’s so there for social justice and modern values

This is my gift to the world. I’m leaving for India on Monday and this is my ‘sorry my blog is going to be really lame for two months’ parting gift. (Also, this is just as much for me as it is for you). I’ll do my best to update it every month or so. Enjoy, my friends! (That sounded so creepy in my head why do I do this to myself). Oh! Also! If any of the links aren’t working for you or you want to see something else added to this post in the future, let me know here.

Fic Recs: Those marked with * are favorites. Those marked with *** I will treasure forever.
  • Better Way for Me to Stay: Chris is far from a coward, but when it comes to talking to Zach about certain things he feels, naturally he’s a little apprehensive. It’s so much easier to talk with everybody else—until Zach finds out on his own, that is. (Words: 7400)
  • Blue Clear Sky: Look, Zach has rules. Especially about dating in this city of actors, and keeping an eye out for that handsome blue-eyed stranger that could (questionably) be stalking him. But what’s a guy to do when life certainly doesn’t give a damn, and turns the rules upside down? Cue casting shenanigans, drama, and - heaven forbid - growing feelings. Oh my. (Words: 25642)
  • The Business of Lies: Here’s the thing: actors act. (Words: ~3300)
  • Indefinable: In the end, he feels like it was a foregone conclusion the moment they met. (Words: 8607)
  • Journey Worth Making: Zoe plays matchmaker. (Words: 11207)
  • Our Thing*: In which Chris is unduly tense and Zach is willing to help… (Words: 11095)
  • A Passage that Sings***: Footsteps beside him; the creak of bedsprings as Chris sits down by his head. Zach could bite his ass, if he could move. He wouldn’t, but he could. It would be tempting. “Front all you want: ‘Cathedral’ still skull-fucks you with its awesomeness,” says Chris, shoving the water up to his face. “Every time. Open your mouth.” (Words: 17080)
  • Pinto Experiences the Giggle Loop: Chris/Zach; they keep trying to make each other laugh during sex as a challenge/rivalry sort of thing, mostly through the use of awesomely cheesy porno dialogue such as ‘I’m going to put my hot dog in your bun,’ etc. (Words: 1105)
  • The Retiring of Joyce Dramis*: Zach’s an excellent poet… secretly.  Only his mom and brother know he’s the author.  As it turns out Zach is Chris’ favorite poet - Chris actually wrote a big final paper at Berkeley all about Zach’s poetry. (Words: 5348)
  • This is Just to Say***: My favourite part of the canonical bromance between Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto is that they’re both literary nerds. And that they confine their displays of masculinity to the MASTERY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. And you guys, I am such a hopeless and devoted English major, and I am just not strong enough to resist the lure of grown men who fly spaceships and use words like “moribund” and “zeitgeist” in interview situations. So this is a story of how boy wooed boy. (Words: 2392)
  • The Two of Us ‘Verse*:  A love story told from then to now. (Words: 9013- just includes the first/main work)
  • Yellow Light: “Alright, Quinto, but don’t expect me to just hop into bed. I’m not going to put out until at least – at least – the third date. And you’re gonna have to earn it, too. I mean it. You’re gonna court me if you want this fine ass.” (Words: 18744)


  • Behold! Us Wayward Monsters***: When Cirque du Soleil presents an opportunity of a lifetime, Zach and Joey drive to Montréal to join their newest production. It’s meant to be just another job in Zach’s vagabond life, a stable gig that allows him and Joey to travel all over the world and explore their passions. But what is a guy to do when his brother goes off-script, getting involved with a veteran contortionist? And even worse, what is Zach supposed to do when he meets a blue-eyed stranger, someone who isn’t put off by Zach’s tough-guy exterior? Over the course of six months they become friends, and as Zach learns the life of the cirque, he also learns that maybe, just maybe, real life is way more complicated than any circus act. (Words: 51991)
  • Chris, Nicky, and the Nanny: Chris hires a hipster manny for his son Nicky. (Words: 24080)
  • Fruitcake: It was suppsed to be just a random interview, nothing remotely interesting. Except for the part where Chris kind of has been harboring this crush on their interviewer. (Words: 2756)
  • A Good Hard Lei*: AU – hula!dancer!Chris. (Words: 9017)
  • Paperback Writer: When Professor Quinto gets a makeover and an interview in the hottest gay magazine in the country, he accidentally pisses off literary big-shot Chris Pine. (Words: 7767)
  • Three Dozen Daisies: The AU where Chris is a florist and Zach celebrates every holiday in existence, so he can come and buy flowers from him. (Words: ~2150)


Interviews: the list below is obviously not exhaustive and updates will be made (yo seriously every video I watched there were like 5 more that popped up)




a three part mix for the themes in looking for alaska.

part i. can’t catch the fox. (mischief/rebellion.)   when adults say, “teenagers think they are invincible”, they don’t know how right they are. we need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken. we think that we are invincible because we are. we cannot be born, and we cannot die. like all energy, we can only change shapes and sizes and manifestations.listen. ] 

teenagers - my chemical romance / i’m just a kid - simple plan / teenage dirtbag - wheatus / this is war - 30 seconds to mars / uprising - muse / youth - daughter / dark doo wop - msmr / run - daughter / how - the neighbourhood / supremacy - muse 

part ii. to be continued… (love/heartbreak.)   if people were rain then i was drizzle and she was a hurricane. [ listen. ]

letters from the sky - civil twilight / somebody to die for - hurts / mr. brightside - the killers / your life over mind - bribry / almost lover - a fine frenzy / oblivion - bastille / waiting - jeffrey piton (city and colour cover) / let me in - snowmine / read my mind - leif vollebekk / underwater bride - passenger 

part iii. where will i go from here? (grief/guilt/regret/loss.)   i have lost something important, and i cannot find it, and i need it. [ listen. ]

waiting to die - zero 7 / maybe maybe - nico stai / human - daughter / doomsday - murray gold / a sign - seaside / jesus christ - brand new / laughing with - regina spektor / after the storm - mumford and sons / we must be killers - mikky ekko / walking blind - adrian hawken and carina round / therapy - all time low

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the world and the way it makes you feel afraid | An Orphan Black fic

This week’s installment. Special shout-out to this video, which was inspired by me saying I was inspired by the song Little Pistol for Helena. You should watch it. It’s damn good.

Also: Helena & Grace secondary BROTP for life.

[tw: mentions of abuse, child abuse, mentions of self-harm, mentions of rape/non-con, Helena shoving a syringe covered in bull semen up a man’s ass, intense violence, Helena warnings]

Also on AO3! As always: please leave me comments. Please leave me tags. I am subsisting entirely on the comments of others. They are keeping me alive.

The journey back to the compound is long. Helena listens to the sound of Grace’s breathing and thinks about her own breathing when she’d run, how fast she’d gone, the way that fear thump-thumped in her chest like someone trying to beat their way out. Like a baby-ghost, crawling its way up her throat.

Now she has no ghosts. The space in her gapes and – in a familiar way – hungers, and Helena breathes in-out through her nose and hushes it.

Soon, she thinks, watching the world move slowly by as they go, soon.

Read More

*posts 1,500-follower milestone post 200 followers late*  For Littlebbredbird!  Who, when I sent in an ask about the milestone request, replied, 

I like any kind of pale GamKar (they’re what lead me to you c: ) so whatever you’re feeling if you wanna draw that will make me happy! Specifically I really like your versions of them in the Heavy Heart fics.

SO HEAVY IN YOUR ARMS GAMKAR IT IS, MY DEAR, VIVA LA OTP.  I will never not enjoy drawing Gamzee with half-grown-out hair.  Or scar-kisses.  Or intimate platonic cuddles. (Technically this is a scene from the next fic, so eyyyy it’s gonna be good.)


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