PM: So, I miss you like crazy over here. I’ve been thinking about how we used to do so many crazy things. Remember when we did that thing in England after the night of drinking in my old apartment, and we went to the streets and just started singing random tunes in our pajamas? Oh my gosh, I miss those days. Is everything alright with you?


I have no idea where he found this but this is too funny. He was ADDICTED to his pacifier ! It took so long for me to break him out of it. He was able to say “paci” and take it in and out his mouth. That’s when I knew it was time to go. However, this gave me flashbacks to when he was little. Oh how I miss those days.

Oh, how I miss these darlings. This day was full of good things, including an authentic Turkish haircut, complete with a fresh fade and visor swoop.

Oh how I miss those days where everybody around me, in my family, made an effort to BE together.
I miss those days where we’d be reuniting every birthday, holiday, and even those days where someone would plan a dinner and invite the whole family. We all used to make an effort.
We all used to participate in surprise birthdays, anniversaries, and dinners. I wish we could all reunite again as a family soon. I miss seeing those familiar faces.

I started reading books and loving it when I was in high school. I know, I was supposed to start reading since I was younger but I guess it’s never too late to read. I loved reading books and finishing them in one day (oh I miss the good ol’ days). I only have a few books and I borrowed some of the books that I read such as Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays With Morrie and The Five People You Meet In Heaven (the most touching and unforgettable book that I’ve read!!!) from my friends. I loved reading actual books until I discovered e-books.

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spooky-spn said:

What is your best memory ever?

wow uhhhh i donno really….. i’m not sure I have a one best memory….

maybe just being young, playing in the woods around our old house, building forts, playing cowboys and Indians / Cops and Robbers, catching frogs and snakes, playing pirates and manhunt….

no pressure, no stress, just imagination and carefree, happy times.

*big sigh*

oh yeah, I miss those days.

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