oh god my feelings

  • Friend:so your OTP isn't canon yet..
  • Me:...
  • Friend:what are you gonna do ?
  • Me:i'm gonna sing a song for them
  • Friend:???
  • Me:A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
  • You wouldn't get this from any other guy
  • I just want to tell you how I'm feeling
  • Gotta make you understand
  • Friend:oh my god
  • Me:Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
  • Never gonna run around and desert you
  • Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
  • Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

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I absolutely adore your blog and you make me laugh every time you post something new but sometimes the scenes change and when one minuet its clear they were texting because they were in separate rooms the next one of them is getting eaten by a shark or something and yelling at the other so obviously they aren't supposed to be texting but all i can see is them typing away on their phones with the most fucking neutral expressions as horrible or weird things keep happening to them. IDK i love you

i have to do these things bc i can only express their feelings and shit through texts but oH MY GOD THAT WOULD BE GREAT OMFG


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I started following you because of some post that ended up one my dash, I don't even remember what it was. But I want you to know that you've become and important part of my dashboard and you matter to me, even if you feel like you don't matter to other people.

my fucking feels, anon

thank you oh my god


After a month and a half of being jobless I found a full time job - it’s been nearly 3 weeks and every time I go in, I only work for 3 hours or they tell me they don’t need me. I’ve worked like a total of 10 hours.

I have -17$ in my bank account and no other source of income so I’m like, very afraid. I feel like I’ve had a “oh my god I’m broke” crisis like 10 times in the past year. I asked my boss for my pay and he said it’s nowhere to be found and payroll has already been processed.

My bank calls me every day cos I’m over like 200$ on my credit accounts. My phone is about to be cut because I haven’t been able to pay for months and owe them an obscene amount of money

I haven’t eaten in 2 days.

My best friend got a new kitten that gave her ringworm and I just found a spot on myself and I’m disgusted and so worried for my cat. She bought me some anti-fungal cream so hopefully I kill it before it becomes a huge issue and I have to throw my entire belongings out

I called my Mom for help with rent but she’s too broke to help, I don’t really talk to my dad but she had him call me and he wired me just enough to pay it ~ not without telling me that I’m a failure. Rents paid but I have no money for anything else. Blessed either way.

I feel like I can’t talk to anybody about it because I sound like a broken record or something, also all my friends are in school and have their parents paying for everything so they don’t get it or judge me for it.

They say money doesn’t buy happiness BUT all I know is that every day I wake up worried and stressed and go to bed worried and stressed and tbh I can’t even do what I love (make music) because I’m so damn SAD and like not even the inspiring kind of sad, I’m just like, spent. It would all go away if I had money. I could go to school and take care of my cat and myself and buy new music equipment (I’m producing on a Mac from 2006) and this horrible constant feeling of failure and helplessness would be alleviated.


Thanks to anyone who read this whole thing. I just need some ears I guess. It’s scary feeling so alone in this. Things could be like, a little better if I had a smoke. I can’t even afford that.

I love you guys.

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Oh my god that excerpt my feels are all over the place AND WHAT IS THIS WITH AROBYNN AND AELIN? Does he like her or something...? I don't know but I need more and I need Dorian to be okay

Agreed. If Arobynn ever looks at her like that again… I was REALLY hoping she would decide to kill him after all. And Dorian. If Dorian doesn’t make it… He’s going to make it. I won’t let myself even think about any other options because there aren’t any other options he must live



You know I’m not really comfortable when it comes to express my feelings and all, I don’t know how to express my potato, mutters Tao in my ear but I still want to wish you a happy birthday because I love you

I’m so glad I met you and I’m so glad we always understand so well each other and how we always talk to each other about absolutely everything

We know each other since so many years now but I didn’t see the years passing and in the same time I feel like I know you since forever and I’m getting emotional oh my god send help (/// _ ///)

I am just so happy when we see each other and when we talk to each other like my heart feel all oh my god when we met because it’s always so rarely because of our schedule and stuff and sometimes, while you’re with me, I fear the moment you will leave because I know we will not see each other before maybe a long time and I hate this

BUT LET’S BE CHEERFUL BECAUSE IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY AND I DON’T WANT YOU TO BE IN A BAD MOOD!!! It’s your 20 so it’s special (old hag huh) and you are special to me (look how smooth I’m being) (☞゚∀゚)☞ 

Ack I’m shy af and I’m all red in my bed, what a hoe huh

This post is the only thing I can do for your birthday but I swear we will celebrate it when we will see each other (I can’t wait jfc) 

So I’m living here some pics and gifs that I know it will make your heart all fluffy because awwww (≧∇≦)

Also some jihope because jihope is life and I’m pretty sure you will die from their cuteness

well cuteness… you understood me huh




You’re amazing bro and I will love you forever because you’re the best thing that happened to me


Saranghae (ಥ _ ಥ)