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August 26, 2012

Never. I mean never did I thought that their would be a day when I’d be excited to start school. I am so ready to get back into the schedule of waking up early and learning something interesting everyday. As of Monday August 27, 2012 I will be a college student. Oh joy! A fresh new start for this young lady. It brings me great joy to know that I am in control. Not my family but me. I will be the one making the choices that change my life forever. I will work my hardest and keep up with all my assignments. I will try my HARDEST to not procrastinate! This is sadly a weakness for me. I really need to work on stopping it for good. There is absolutely nothing that I can not handle. I have God by my side, faith and determination. If I put my mind into something and it’s something that I really want then I will find a way to get it. Also, I start to exercise again. I adore the outdoors. The fresh air, nature, the wildlife - it’s grand. Not sure if this means that I will start back up on my runs though. A friend offered to teach me Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I simply can not wait! I have never heard of it until I met him. It seems difficult but that’s what captures my attention about it. The way you have to learn how to maneuver your body. How cool! School is less than a day now. I know that I will make friends but I am not here for friends. I am here to excel in my classes and nothing more. College is the next step to my life. Where many doors will open for me. The place that will definitely push my limits and make me go crazy at times. The work load will depend on how I manage my time and handle it wisely. Everything will be on me now and this excites me. If I make new friends that is great news, all I’m saying is that my main goal is to do well in school. College is no joke and besides if I do bad then there goes the money. Sleep before I go to school doesn’t seem likely. Eh, I will get use to it and I will be calmer.