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The REAL star of the Purge review bloopers, obviously. (x)


STRIKER EUREKA GENDERSWAP - inspired byallisonnargentt
﹄ Noomi Rapace as Athena Hansen and Troian Bellisario as Charlotte Hansen

majorasnivy : HEEEY hey you you there, hi! uh,HAPPY BIRTHDAY! FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO! ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!  aaahhh I hope I’m not late ;oooooo; happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!

and the award for biggest dorks to ever dork go to Roxy Lalonde and John Egbert.

my boyfriend accidentally made mustard gas…..


at least we didn’t die.

efkaservicegirl asked:

Responding to your tags on the Asher gifset, yes, I feel you. He's been growing on me and I hate it.

I hear you. I don’t hate it hate it but I really am not loving the fact that I’m starting to really like him as a character.

When I watch the eps, Asher actually invokes the most polarizing reactions for me. He does something super asshole-ish and I roll my eyes. He says sexist/homophobic/etc. things and it makes me cringe and want to fast forward. And then there’s the Asher-centric episode or the whole scene with Bonnie and I’m just like “All is forgiven you poor thing!”

With everyone else I really enjoy that nothing really is black-and-white. I like playing in the gray of things and not always liking what a character does but still understanding (or attempting to understand) why they did it. But with Asher, it really is very black-and-white for me. I either like what he does or I don’t; there’s no in-between. Maybe that is what it is with him. With all the other characters, I can rationalize or justify what they’ve done and why but I can’t do that with him because a whole childhood of daddy issues isn’t a justification for being a jerk with periodic glimpses at the decent guy underneath the J. Crew polo/khaki shorts combo and topsiders.

I’m worried that I’m just forgiving him to easily because they keep writing these sad little arcs for him. His dad didn’t hug him enough. The maid was the only one in that big house that cared about him. He invites all these people to his party and no one comes. He’s walking around campus all alone and sad like a lost puppy. The rest of the Keating Five were bonding over murder and destroying a body and he wasn’t invited.

I wouldn’t say I hate the character (I don’t hate any of them really). I’m just really REALLY conflicted about the fact that I’m warming up to him and I’m not really sure why I’m so conflicted.