oh and brawl

Imagine your 1st, 2nd, 3rd favorite characters and you playing Super Smash Bros only for it to break down into arguments

[Role play with Sweet tooth]

Pacing around her room all scared and worried. This isn’t working. I Just don’t feel like this is working out anymore. I have to end this. I just don’t want to hurt him. I think he’ll be fine, hopefully. You are doing this for me and him. Maybe he’ll find someone better. She called Sweet tooth and waited for him to pick put. She was so afraid she felt like throwing up. She was shaking and trying not to fall down. 

Pillage and Burn

releasetheprisoners and his band of orcs have raided a trading town, and there he encounters a snakelikecharmer.

"Please, I beg of you! I have chil—!"

… The poor man didn’t even have the chance to finish before the tip of the scythe was embedded in his neck. With a rough yank, the orc pulled his weapon out. The man fell forward and landed flat on his face, dead.

After a bit of work on the body, the scarred orc severed the man’s head off and started walking away, whistling, only to stop after noticing something nearby…

Not all of the townsfolk were slain. Some of them were rounded up. Probably to take back as prisoners; slaves. Or worse, if you were female.

Two of the fiends were arguing over one woman in particular; the argument quickly escalated and blew up into a full-on brawl. And instead of stopping the fight, the other orcs gathered around and cheered the other on, placing bets on who would win.

That was when he came to the woman in question, seizing her wrist and pulling her away while the others were distracted.


Apat pa lang panalo ko. punyeta. HAHAHHHAH lagi na lang akong talo dahil sa mga imbang kampi. leche talaga as in leche hahahahaha. hi. sino diyan nagdodota 2? tara laro tayo. malapit na ulet mag beast brawl oh hahaha


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Smiley: Which one of the muses is the most ticklish?

:0 not very many of them are ticklish, but I think Triche and Canrif tie for this.

Frowny: Which muse cries the most?

Ofichi. She’s really emotional, but, not in a bad way? Kitmar cries too, but it’s crocodile tears. Piscar is probably the saddest of everyone, but he doesn’t let himself cry.

Crown: Which muse would win in a brawl?

Oh God. I… Really don’t know. They’re all deadly.

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