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you don’t owe me anything,

don’t hear me out, the words just sting

if you want me to go, i understand but just know


He tries and fails not to remember how he used to make her sigh and moan and call out his name, sometimes right there in that very spot, against the cold, hard surface of the countertop. Those nights, after the crowds had gone, her soft cries would echo through the empty shop, barely audible over the hum of the dishwashers and refrigerators. Afterward, they’d share a late-night coffee, sitting in one of the booths like they were on a date. He’d light a cigarette, breaking his own rules. She’d steal a coin from the cash register and slot it into the vintage jukebox in the far corner of the room. And then she would sing along, karaoke-style, with whatever old tune she’d chosen, for an audience of one. She’d sing just for him, until he could take it no longer. Until the sweet music of her voice and the gentle swaying of her hips drew him to where she stood. She’d tremble, slightly, at his approach; he’d growl deep in his throat. Then he’d lift up her skirt, push her panties roughly aside, and take her right there, right up against the goddamn thing.

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Americans and sports. Who gets that whole culture? Not me. But this is a really cute video. 

“Whenever we’re not on tour, which is never these days, we go to Meg’s Mom’s for Superbowl parties, in which I eat melted cheese on things.” -Joseph Fink 

“I have a secret. I’m not wearing any pants. *makes ‘shh’ gesture*” -CECIL 

ETA: In case you didn’t know, Todd (seen in the beginning of the video) is Dylan’s fiance!

From the WTNV YouTube.


DExCBS *w*)9 (Actually the 2nd art is based on my headmanga (??? haven’t made it yet lol XP) where Adds (LP MM DE) were cursed into cats and blahblahblah their curse lifted, they turned into human again,, but their cat ears and tail will respawn when embarrased (LP), angry (MM) and happy (DE)… Lol so weeiird,, and oh yeah it’s AddxEve)