All the amazing support made me determined to finish this today, and I did! (And it’s luckily not even that late yet (; ). Also shout out to flapflaps for the support through reblogging my WIP earlier today <3 All these tiny encouragements keep me going (: 

Little princess bae Arin <3 One of my all-time favourite people, never fails to make me laugh and help me feel better no matter how down I get! uou

Tiny Measuring Spoons

Take your culinary game to the next level by using the tiny measuring spoons to cook like a legend such as your mom or grandma. Now when you see a recipe call for a “smidgen” of this or a “pinch” of that you’ll know exactly how much to add to your meal.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

Wow, thank you for 1000+ followers!!! I can’t believe it. Somehow I have tricked all of you into wandering straight into clown hell.

Now that’ll be 420 motherfuckin boonies.

"GELSENKIRCHEN ROCK IM REVIER, there were 70,000 people. Simultaneously, at the time they were watching METALLICA who was on the main stage in the warm indoors... We, who were on the second stage outdoors, struggled with everything reverberating in the midst of the rain and cold. Even if we were laughed at, and even if we were disgracing ourselves, there were people who waited for us. (Those) within the rain and the cold, I truly thank you.“

-Toshiya (from his cameran)