Aldnoah.Zero ep.16 » “It is a poor knight indeed who slays one who defies him. The key is to show yourself to be so superior that they will not defy you in the first place.”

Slowly coming back from the dead

I’ve started rewatching Free!: ES. I want to get back to the asks, but have been questioning my current grasp on the characters (whether I’m actually being true to them or the them I’ve created and slightly romanticized in my head). So I’m brushing up. I made it about half way through the opening in episode 1 before I got hit by a wave of feelings at what’s coming later in the season and started crying.

~Admin Demi

Me: All that I’m saying is that tarot and oracle decks are not guided by divine or infernal forces. It’s like playing a regular game of Klondike Solitaire in which you know you have a set number of cards that you’ve thoroughly shuffled. You choose which cards to have placed in a particular position in a spread, and you even have room to freely interpret what a card can mean because they were crafted to be vague. Tarot and oracle cards, and pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE in divination, are human instruments with a set of rules to follow that otherwise seem chaotic and are attempts to try and explain our own incredibly complex lives. The very act of divination does not excuse a piss poor decision, but is an exercise to help us get out of a mental rut.

Someone: But aren’t tarots satanic?