"Aye Lemme Take Yo Picture!"

So I decided that Neika and I should take pictures where there were no cars in the mall parking lot. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. The ratchet men decided to look and stare, try to get our attention, and etc. Next time, were just gonna go in a private area lol. But today, I wanted to channel my inner Pia Mia and wear a bandana all gangsta like, my favorite and only turtle neck crop, ripped high waisted pants, and timbs. Also, I tied my flannel around my waist. 

Crop, Belt, & Flannel- Forever21

High Waisted Jeans- eBay

Timbs- eBay 


Laxus, I heard from Freed… that you did a lot for your friends. I won’t forget your courage. I’m sure you’ll get better, now just rest.