PORTLAND: 10,000 people turned out for the initial march on Oct 6th and 650 people camped the first night, including keeping access to literal Main Street downtown. Our infrastructure is strong and our will to create community is penetrating. Currently, we occupy three square blocks in downtown Portland with camping, infrastructure, and public meeting space. The first occupied weekend was also the Portland Marathon, which over 40,000 people attend. The marathon was routed to end right next to the occupation. We showed flexibility and camaraderie by negotiating directly with the marathon so that both events could use the public space. The marathon was nothing but supportive of Occupy Portland, releasing a statement saying as much. That interaction and negotiation has set the tone for Occupy Portland - we are here with the community, we all are the 99%, and we are working together to build a better way of existing.

Portland Central American Solidarity Committee

We are Organizing Together!