ofglen asked:


The smell that had hit her the first time she’d met– someone very special to her. Someone her mother mustn’t know about right now. A boy with all the delicacy (at points) of a bull set loose. He had found himself with a broken nose and a black eye from his latest quarrel, which he had had with some boy she was quite sure he didn’t even remember the name of.

He must have heard of her advanced healing abilities from another Ravenclaw (she very rarely left the common room, outside of classes, for meals, and to the library) and never practiced magic not taught in her year outside of it. He had walked over to the Ravenclaw table during breakfast, causing such a ruckus as to distract Helena from reading.

She had sighed and almost urged him– politely, as was a Ravenclaw’s way– to leave her to her book. Instead, with the best fake smile she could manage she’d offered an almost clipped, “Hello. Do you need something?” He had smiled behind the hand that was over his nose. That’s when she’d smelled it. “Come here.”

Another sigh escaped her lips as she waved her wand, uttering a quick healing spell. “Is that all, then?” She’s looked him over for other injuries. He’d replied with something that was almost witty (but not quite) and the rest had been history.

I met my walking partner, Ofglen, today. I don’t know if I can trust her, she could get me in trouble if we do not use the normal scripted responses to talk. She might tell on me if I say or do anything against the society. We walk to the market everyday where signs have pictures on them instead of words. Women aren’t allowed to read or write anymore so they take away the temptation.