Here’s a tip: make a dream journal and study ur dream habits and what not, it helped me. and when you do try to lucid dream you’ll most likely become “too much” aware and lose control, just keep tryin harder every time, it’s not easy!!!! also it takes a lot of patience and time good luck:-)

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This is why @officialolivegarden is my favorite #pastapass

I wish I got the #pastapass from @officialolivegarden would have been lots of lunch dates with my friends @loyal26queen @cp4010 @reggieshanks @mommymookie14 TAKE! THESE BROKEN WINGS!

So refreshing! You know when you go to @officialolivegarden and look forward to the endless salad and breadsticks? Check this! You can add mozzarella topper to their salad! #OGTastes

Wasn’t too sure about these artichoke fritti… but I liked them alot! Citrus flavored fried artichokes with a 5 cheese marina dip, good appetizer option! #OGTastes @officialolivegarden

"How does she do it?!?!"

So @purpleheartwifey has been gone for about 12 hours and it was up to me to run the #SmithHouse while she is gone. So far I have accomplished everything on the list: Pick up the Big 2 from the Academy, piano practice, feed the kiddos ( thanks @officialolivegarden ) , gather the eggs, clean out the lunch boxes, homework, get ready for bed and all of the million little things in between.

Once the kids were in bed it hit me why she takes 2 hour baths each night….she has earned it.

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