hes basically just stole my ipad to listened to out of the woods im a proud sister

I’m up early with the intention of going to the dentist this morning.

If I don’t return alive, I leave all my poni to to my friends—but on the condition that they gladiator battle for it. Do not question my ways.

I don’t think its right to call that a breakup… especially if we may be getting future seasons. Depends what future Danny and Laura interactions are like. If Danny shows she understands, its a development in their relationship. And if she doesn’t, then it looks like there’s a rift they have that can’t really be overcome.(But then Danny will most likely be stuck in unrequited, one-sided love and ow my heart ) 

Either way, I really liked the writing, cuz now the show really opens up the doors for Laura and Carmilla be endgame without all of Laura’s previous interactions with Danny being forgotten. It’s really believable. 

Its honestly not just the gay that makes this triangle engaging and not infuriating, its the good writing too. This show just does so much RIGHT.