The time has finally come. Drum roll please! *drumrolls*

Here is our interview with The Maine! Watch to see if we used your questions and find out exactly how many Red Bulls is too many Red Bulls. We would also appreciate it if someone could tell us what Kennedy is doing an impression of near the end…enjoy! And stay tuned, we’ll be posting our interview with This Century as well this weekend.

Check out some pictures from the show here!


We’re excited to announce that we will be interviewing The Maine & This Century while they’re in Canada for the 8123 Tour! We’ve been fans of both bands for ages and are excited to get the answers to our questions straight from them.

We want to make sure that any burning fan questions are answered as well, so send us an ask with your question or tweet us at @OfficialAmped with the hashtag #8123getsAmped!


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Thanks so much for everything, we love you all!


Some Things You Should Know!

Can you believe we’re already nearing the 3 month mark for Amped? Here are some important updates you should know about:

Now that summer is officially here, festival season/good concert season has begun. We wish you all luck in meeting the bands of your dreams.



Wow, May flew by! We’re coming up on our 2 month anniversary (apparently we’re like one of those couples that celebrates monthiversaries/weekiversaries/dayversaries) and just wanted to say thanks for sticking around! 

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