shit burn gorman says about newton/newmann

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Yukie Sakou, character designer in Sailor Moon crystal posted this lovely sketch on her twitter and wrote this:



I suck at japanese translations but this would be something around, “Kunzite & Venus. Is so painful and interesting to see a memory of their past lives as lovers”
'Do correct if Im wrong lololol

All this teasing is too much for my kokoro to overcommeeeeeeeeee
Could it be it’s happening or just that Yukie-chan is another shipper? Only time will tell~~ 


TFIOS trailer | Damon and Elena style.


I needed a chibi-fied Mikey, because I didn’t recall seeing him in the Monster Character Theater episodes (Hopefully he shows up soon? But what are they gonna do about his nose?). I tried to mimic the style as closely as possible… If anyone wants a transparent version, let me know!

Added the third one because I’m a shipping mess. Oops.

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Aaah it’s just a theory I had adapted after seeing Danny’s out-of-whack transformations so often in the first season. It’s not strictly Pitch Pearl, I just use it to give the pair a canonical basis (if only in my head)

But uh…basically, the theory twists the animation lapse between transformations

and rewrites the phenomenon into expressing how Danny and his ghost half (whether his own being or not) are out-of-step and not entirely one. So it explains why, when Danny transforms, Phantom’s and his expressions and postures don’t always match

Sort of as if there are two minds in one body.

(And also explains why Danny struggles to control his powers at first—because he and his ghost half are disjointed)

But it’s only for the first season, because as the series progresses, human and ghost steadily sync more smoothly. “Evidenced” by how, in What You Want, the Ghost Catcher separation produced an incorporeal Danny Phantom that could easily re-merge with Fenton, but later fully divided the two halves in Identity Crisis without allowing for easy reunion (even going so far as to split their jointed personalities).

*coughs* And the dormant ghost energy taking root inside Danny’s hair even after he eradicates his ghost half in Phantom Planet (showing how tightly ghost and human have, mm, bonded I suppose).

Not sure how much that made sense. Eheh, I don’t know, crazy shippers always find canon evidence for their OTP, right? :P

i hope nalu, gruvia, and gajevy fans realize just how lucky they are bc i always see these guys together in official art, in chapter covers, in the chapters themselves, and in mashima’s twitter doodles and like being a jerza shipper is so hard bc while we definitely get the most development bc just about every moment they have moves them forward it’s like once a year we get something (we got no interaction at all in 2014 and it’s been over a year since the two were even in the same panel) and like not even twitter doodles there’s always twitter doodles for other couples and idk im just sad bc whenever i see people say they’re “nalu” or “gruvia” deprived and acting like it’s the worst thing in the world i’m like ok you can be sad about not having moments but please don’t act like you never get anything bc you guys are super spoiled and i understand why it’s hard to include jerza or even jellal in things but i mean, still, it’s hard bc jellal and erza have never even had a chapter cover together. yeah we get the most developed and obvious canon moments and we are so grateful for that, but it would be nice to be spoiled once in a while too, you know?