Dear Michael,

I know you’ll never read this, but it’s worth a shot. How are you? That’s a terrible question. I don’t know how you’re feeling, but I hope that you’re doing well, despite what happened yesterday. You must be upset and you have every right to be. What she did was wrong and since Abigail won’t ever apologize for her hypocritical ass, I would like to apologize.

I’m sorry that she doesn’t see the beauty that is you.

I’m sorry that she said that you try hard. You do try hard, but not in that sense. You try hard in succeeding in doing what you love. You are constantly writing and working on new songs for us, barely taking any breaks. You give us your all in giving us the best concerts when you perform, both in singing and playing the guitar. You do your best in making each and every one of us special by talking to us as if we’ve known each other for years, even though we are practically strangers to you. You continuously make us laugh with your sarcasm and wittiness and I love it. You do try hard, but in the good kind of way.

I’m sorry that she doesn’t find the scar on forehead beautiful. I think of scars as reminders that show you are alive, emotionally and physically. I see them as battle wounds caused from a fight, paint marks smeared onto a blank canvas, even proof of growth. From stretch marks to being too clumsy to getting yelled at, scars prove that you have survived and grown from that incident. Scars make you a stronger person and prove that nobody is perfect. 

I’m sorry that she doesn’t see how your hair reminds me of sunrises and sunsets. Sunrises and sunsets are never one color, constantly changing. They turn into vibrant and vivid colors within a matter of seconds and look so amazing, just like your hair. It also reminds me of the spectrum, ranging from the darkest of purples to the brightest of reds. Not that many people can pull of these hair colors, but these colors look so good on you. 

I’m sorry that she can’t see how important your tattoos are to you, especially your “To The Moon” one. I don’t know the meaning to your tattoos, but I know that your “To The Moon” tattoo is the most important one to you, considering that was your first tattoo. According to this post, you had said in an interview that you wanted to name your first album with this phrase, even before you got this tattoo and I can’t help to think o the reasoning behind this. But, I don’t want to pry, so I’ll wait until you’re comfortable to share us your story. So, if it means a lot to you, then it means a lot to me. x

I’m sorry that she can’t see how beautiful you are, inside and out, and she even had the nerve to compare you to your other bandmates, saying that they’re hotter than you, which is not true at all. You are all different in appearance and all have qualities and features that are attractive in your own way. I find you attractive not only physically, but emotionally too. Some people assume that because of your bright hair color and tattoo clad arms, you are this intimidating type of guy. However, when people see you for who you really are, they’ll see a guy who loves his band members as his brothers, a son who loves spending his free time with his family and friends, and an idol who thinks of his fans as his family. They’ll see a guy who’s doing what he loves with his three best friends and making his dreams come true. 

I’m sorry that she keeps bringing this topic up and keeps hurting you. Her lyrics claim that you’ll “tell your friends how I’m obsessed with you”, when its definitely the other way round. It’s been about a month since her song came out, and she still brings it up. Now, I hate when people receive hate for no apparent reason, but not in this case. She knew exactly what she was doing and deliberately made this song to get back at you. Even though she didn’t say any names, we all know that it’s about you. She didn’t expect this to backfire and claimed that this was joke because of all the hate she received. This wasn’t a joke because I didn’t find it funny and neither did you. 

But more importantly, I want to thank you.

Thank you for being the bigger person and dealing with this matter in the best way possible. You could of easily called her out by making a song about her or even done something bigger, but you didn’t and I’m proud of you. She tried to throw shade at you and you did an excellent job at throwing it right back. Not only do you have your fans by your side, but even celebrities defended you. You stood your ground and stayed strong. x x x x 

Thank you for treating the fans like your family, always attempting to talk to us, despite your hectic schedule. You talk to and treat us as if you’ve known us for years. You even do your best to convince security to make sure that each and every one of us see you. You make sure that we are happy and make us feel special and loved. x x

Thank you for taking care of fans and defending us when we need it. You never hesitate to take our side and make sure that we are okay. You care for us and check on us every now and then and I appreciate that. Your eyes light up when you talk about your fans and I get giddy and happy because I can literally feel the love you have for us radiating off of you. x x x x

Thank you for being you, Michael.

You tweeted a while back saying that “Real bands save fans and real fans save bands.” So, let us save you. Just know that even though she might not like you, I love you and will always be by your side, “to the moon” and back.



The HappinessCharge PreCure! (ハピネスチャージプリキュア!) article in Animage Magazine (Amazon US | JP) included an interview with character designer Masayuki Sato (佐藤雅将) and an assortment of character costumes.