By kikikryslee

American AU where the boys all work for their college newspaper. Louis gets to voice his opinion in every issue, Liam is in charge, keeping everyone in line, Niall just really loves soccer, Zayn is an aspiring photographer and Harry is the incoming photo editor.

(Or, the one where Louis wants to date Harry, but won’t, because they work together, even though the other boys follow no such rule.)

Louis turned and looked Harry in the eye. “I told Niall that even though he wanted to date Josh, his co-worker, it just wasn’t going to work out. And that was OK, because there’s plenty of other people out there for him.”
Please take the hint. Please.
It looked like Harry did, because he simply nodded before breaking the gaze.

Chaptered, Completed, Ao3, Mature, Must-read

After contemplating on whether he could or couldn’t do this under his new ‘secretary’ his new rules, Bruce decided he damn well could.
He stopped fiddling with his pone and simply pressed ‘send’.

-I need you in my office ASAP-

The phone he had given Steve only had one number in the ‘contacts’ list. So he’d know who it had come from.

By Stylinsontimes

Dr. Louis Tomlinson, 21, is a hard working and focused Doctor with a troubled past and tightly held secrets. Harry Styles, 19 is a charismatic and delicious Intern who is hard to ignore with his baby face, soft heart and kiss worthy lips. Louis is gay but he’d never admit. Harry is gay but he’d never clarify. They are so hopelessly and desperately in love that poetry seems inadequate. Things get tricky when grief pulls them towards each other.

An AU where Louis is falling in love against his will and hence ends up having wet dreams, Harry is a starstruck of Louis and wants to bite Louis’ lips hard, Zayn and Liam are moving past their respective failed relationships to love each other, Niall is the happy go lucky guy with awesome hugs, Stan is just a victim of Louis’ dirty lie, Nick is the perfect boss (harry adores him and Louis hate/loves him) while Jeremy is the beautiful boy with the terminal disease.

Chaptered, Completed, Ao3, Non-Smut

Good Morning.

Welcome to Lima Heights Paper and Supply, please hold… Hi, Lima Heights Paper and Supply, maybe I put you on hold?… Hola, Lima Height Papel  y Supply-o, uno segundo por favor… Hey- Oh. Sir. No, Fedex hasn’t come with the new door knobs, in fact, they said that they can’t keep making your home deliveries here. Sorry. Um. No. No- Yeah. I’m going to need to put you on hold…

Oh Jesus Murphy… someone tell me I can make a stapler into a lethal object…

By thoughtlessblogger

Harry chuckles. “Why don’t you stay?” Louis just blinks at him. Entering dangerous territory. “I mean, why do you always leave?”

Louis’s silent while he contemplates his answer.”Dunno, really. I get bored easily.”

Harry doesn’t even think before responding. “I think you haven’t found a reason to stay.”


Louis is hired to be the new program director at DFM. He knows he’ll be leaving in a year when his contract is up, but the station’s sales manager, Harry, might give him a reason to stay. Also starring Liam as the station manager, and Niall and Zayn as Djs.

Oneshot, Ao3, Mature, Must-Read 

Notes: Sorry Marie, but I had to add the must-read tag !

If I Don't Love You, I Shall Not Love

Title: If I Don’t Love You, I Shall Not Love by eonians in liquidwisdom

Pairing: Suho/Chen

Rating: PG13

Summary: junmyeon has spent years making excuses for himself until he learns that he has no excuse for the way jongdae fits perfectly in his arms.


Teen Wolf AU - Office! Verse: In which Derek and Stiles work in the same office (and, because they’re secretly five years old, engage in a vicious prank war).

"Oh God, that’s hilarious. Stop glaring at me, it’s not my fault you didn’t notice anything unusual! Just be glad you didn’t send the files to Mr. Argent. Also, can I just point out that you knew they were porn star names?"

"No comment. And don’t think for one second that if I had and he’d fired me for it I wouldn’t have made sure you went down with me. And no, do not go for the obvious joke here.”

"You’re such a buzzkill."

"Shut up. I expect you to fix this before I come back from my lunch break. I can’t work like this, I can’t even find the files I’m looking for anymore."

"And if I don’t?"

"I’ll tell Erica what really happened with her keyboard."

"You’re evil.

"So I’ve been told. Now go fix it!"

"Ugh, fine.”

anonymous asked:

After reading "We Could Be That" by swoopswoop, I'm in desperate need of cherik office romance AUs. Are there any? D:

I have a whole Office AU tag you can check out. Or you can check out AO3’s Office AU tag.

I feel like I’ve read more but I’m not sure where. As I find them I will certainly add them to the tag.

Any followers know of some office romance stories?

anonymous asked:

Hey, is the office au tag broken or is there just no fics?

I consider Office AUs fics where both of them work in an office, usually the same building or company. There are no fics here yet where they’re both in an office. (Except some in the It’s a Terrible Life ‘verse, but those are in that tag) The majority of the fics where Sam works in an office that I can think of are Bakery/Shop AUs where Gabriel works around food for some reason. I honestly never thought about it before. I may have missed tagging an older one but… I can’t think of any. And there’s only 5 tagged on Ao3

Anyone have some Office AUs where they’re both working in an office?