Please fire me. I hate my office job at the nursing home so much, that I sometimes don’t even show up, mute my phone and instead get dead out drunk in my apartment that is ABOVE my workplace. My boss is so damn stupid she doesn’t even question it. I just blame her when she asks if I had to work today and say we discussed before that I will get the day off for working so much overtime and she rolls with it. On my time journal I just write whatever I want, so I basically get paid for drinking cuba libre and derping on youtube, pretending I’m not at home.


“Probably the most characteristic feature of cult films is the transgression of common Hollywood conventions. The films are different from the clichéd Hollywood productions and they don’t aim at satisfying the expectations of the mass of moviegoers. Consequently they usually fail at the box-offices and are often considered flops when appearing in the theaters for the first time. Yet, in spite of or (perhaps) due to this fact, they attract the attention of spectators and transform their “failure” into a success during the course of time.”