Regarding my absences on Tumblr the past few months...

I got a new job, and an amazing girlfriend.

Used to be, I’d hit up Tumblr in between calls at the station or on my off days. Now, I’m spending most my work time actually working (if at a station), and my off days have dwindled as I spend the majority of my week in the office. My new job is fantastic. I set my own hours, and largely define my own to-do lists and decide what to work on myself. My boss is very hands-off—she sets big picture objectives and I figure out how to contribute to and support those goals.

I get to teach, a lot, and help develop courses and classes. I get to sit in on and learn about the management side of EMS. I do QA/QI/chart review. And I spend a lot of time doing data analysis for everyone else, becoming the person they come to when they are curious about something and want to know real data to back it up. Questions like, how much IV fluid did the average adult trauma patient receive in the past year (answer: about 500 mL. Surprising, but we do emphasize permissive hypotension heavily). What was our average IV Ketamine dose? (a: just above 1 mg/kg). What factors most heavily influence time spent at hospital? (A: how the hospital utilizes EHR software for intake—more electronic software usage = more time spent turning around—and how good the medic is at promptly finishing their charts. This answer changed our approach, we deemphasized rapid turn arounds because timely chart completion was more important). I am a data nerd, so having the toolset and access to ask and answer these questions is SO cool to me.

So the new job has kept me plenty busy. The GF has too; she’s ended up taking over my free time and all of my thoughts. She is beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, educated, and the perfect yin to my yang, zig to my zag. I can’t imagine a more perfect match for me and she delights the hell out of me every single day. And she is wildly in love with me, which is a wonderful, wonderful feeling to have.

So that’s that…if you’ve suffered through this whole post, congrats, you’re an awesome person and you shall have good fortune today.

Please fire me. I am a cleaner and today a woman pointed me out to her child and said ‘that’s why you have to do well in school - so you don’t end up like her’. I go to one of the top ten universities in the UK and I’m only cleaning to fund my studies.


FAN: A lot of crap has happened through the seasons, and I’m wondering how you think it’s going to be good that no one is coping.

POSEY: No one’s coping? That’s what’s going on?

EADDY: Can you explain that a little bit more? What do you mean by that?

FAN: Say, if someone dies, you need to cope. To get better. To mourn! No one’s mourning in the show!

POSEY: It’s definitely still there, it’s in everyone’s lives, it always is. But there’s, literally, we can’t— we have to prevent other things from always happening. So it kind of builds and builds and sits there in the back of their head, but it’s always there.

EADDY: I’ve had a lot of people ask that on tumblr, too, or I’ve read a lot of that on tumblr, and let me say— this is war.

@Eyecon Teen Wolf (6.15.14)

For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
-Nelson Mandela


OK, this is the ideal job for me. Just getting to look after and hug like a dozen chow chow puppies at the same time.