George Shuklin

Stela of Pepi, chief of the potters; limestone, XVIII century B.C. (~12. dynasty), Saint Petersburg, Russia. 

“An offering given by the king (to) Osiris, the lord of Busiris, the great god, the lord of Abydos.”
       "That he may give a voice-offering of bread, beer, oxen, birds, alabaster, clothing, and every good and pure thing upon which a god lives.“
       "For the ka of the revered Senwosret, True of Voice.”


I’ve just held an offering ceremony for Loki. I lit a red, strawberry scented candle, and gave Him dark chocolate with chilli in His offering bowl.
I held the candle and hailed Him, and called on Him with His kennings (bynames), and welcomed Him into my home and into my heart.
The flame on the candle is dancing, though there is no draft.
I think Loki is happy about the offering.

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Offering to goddess reveals reach of late 15th century Aztec empire

In May 2008 a team of researchers forming part of the Templo Mayor project of the historic centre of Mexico City, discovered a large offering which had been placed underneath an enormous statue of the goddess Tlaltecuhtli.

Underneath Mexico City lie the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital, and at its centre was the Templo Mayor. The project researchers believe that this offering was made during the reign of Ahuizotl, who was ruler of the Aztec empire for sixteen years, from 1486 to 1502, and in that time conquered 45 Mesoamerican territories.

Offering 126, the largest found so far at the Templo Mayor, is composed of almost 4,000 organic remains, of which three-fourths (3,045) are marine molluscs. Read more.