i honestly dont care about fictionkin/otherkin one way or another but y’all gotta stop being dicks if there are other people who have the same kin as you okay. its gonna get you nowhere.

we don’t understand people that send hate or constantly harass people over things that aren’t even physically hurting anyone? like ok, we understand you’re offended by our identification. we understand your offended by our existence, we understand if you don’t give a shit about us, we understand. listen. we don’t give a shit about you either, most likely. please do something more productive than sitting at a computer furiously typing bullshit to someone you don’t even personally know on the internet.

that’s a thought.

How Dare You Touch Her

The fact that you “were offended” by their existence as a transgender individual, is nothing to the world. Using the same logic I should be able to murder you because I am certainly offended by your existence. If this is the system now then I’m sure people will come to murder me as well because, and you’re gonna want to trust me on this, what I’m gonna do to you…is gonna be offensive.

P.S. Would you mind leaving the door unlocked?