tinyfuzzypeach asked:

just out of curiosity, why the american anti-tjlc people? i mean of course i agree with you but like why not all nationalities of anti-tjlc people? why not offend them all with your mere existence?

because they’re the ones that can’t keep their bitter pedophile-apologist mouths shut

because i’m a woman, man

sometimes i feel threatened by my own existence

and offended by yours

let’s hide behind a cheetah print blanket

and choke on our ignorance

i spy

gum in a tree

cum in my hair

what is the difference anyway

i milk you of your humbleness

and you hit the only sweet spot i have left

carve the phrase

“i am leaving” 

onto your back

hoping you get the picture

your tongue is savage

but i have to leave

your hands around my neck

can’t make me stay this time

Get up to go to the bathroom and BOOM. There she is. In my goddamn basement hide out study spot. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. You have to ruin this for me too? This is my place. Where I feel the most comfortable and get the most stuff done. Now my heart is fucking pounding and I can’t focus and fuckkkkk you for being 4 seats away

There’s like 6 people down here and you’re seriously one of them????

Be yourself. You’re not responsible! #Repost @akanundrum with @repostapp.
Someone will always be offended, upset and see no value in your mere existence…so when you become admired, adored and receive adulation, those negative feelings towards you will only intensify.
You are a matter of taste. Remember that.