The second photoset of the OFFcraft project!

So far, Zone 0 and 1 are pretty much ready to go. In Zone 1, I’ve included a creative building area if you’d like to set up your own little establishment!

As for progress with Zone 2, the library will take some time to be finished up: I’m progressing through the game while building, so I have to build them in order with the game. With the galleries all finished, the Park has started!
It includes a functioning roller coaster and a 2-player balloon game, as well as the soon-to-be built pedalo rides.

If you’d like to take a look around, follow for when I put the server up! 

Watch on undertakerelsen.tumblr.com

LLP: Dethemium Season 3- OFFCraft Episode #1

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I’ll admit: This was inspired by another post seen.
Nevertheless, I’ll show my attempt to give this a shot: OFFcraft!
This is actually a server I hope to make live for everyone, and a fun project I’m actively working on in my spare time!

There will be functioning puzzles and almost everything is built to be game accurate! Unfortunately, I’m not quite skilled enough to make special NPCs and textures are currently just default.

As of this post, Zone 0 and Zone 1 are ready to be displayed: However, their puzzles are still in progress, so some sections might be hard to access. Zone 2 is currently being built!

The server will be ON for a while while I’m hard at work fixing up puzzles!
If you’d like to check it out for yourself:
Please remember that this world is still in progress!


Third photoset: Zone 2 is now complete!

The world is shaping up slowly but surely, and once I’ve made some tweakings to the previous area, work on Zone 3 can start!

I’m personally hoping that it nears completion once exams are over. Once the whole structure is complete, the next project will be texture packs and item tweaking!

Stick around to see the progress!


Fourth photoset!

Zone 3 is finally finished! With more or less functioning switch puzzles and a fully coded area 1 floor, the OFFcraft world has expanded once again.

With that note, that just leaves one thing left: The room.

Stick around!

OFFcraft server is currently ON. If you’d like to take a look:

Today’s task: Build pedalo ride, fix pedalo points, continue library

As usual, if you spot something weird, feedback is always helpful!

OFFcraft access info

Since the server still isn’t finished but I’ve been getting a bunch of asks about the white-listing, I’ve decided: For those who already have the server number, send me an ask and I’ll add you to the white-list.

Please remember that the reason I white-listed it is to keep griefing or accidental prop breaking to a minimum, so if you’d like to come on the server, please don’t break things!

Java is updated and the server is ready to go! To join, you most likely will have to be at minecraft update 1.5.2.

Server will just be up for a little while, however there’s some renovating going on in the Nothingness, so getting where you want to go might be tricky. It is still a work in progress, after all.