Polaris Defense

Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, the United States military’s rising demand for Polaris off-road vehicles leads to Polaris being the first ATV OEM to produce militarized vehicles for SOCOM and the United States Army.

The extensive success of Polaris vehicles in theater leads to the official founding of Polaris Defense in 2005, as a way for our company to better serve the needs of our nation’s government and armed forces.

Polaris Defense steadily develops a range of vehicles to serve the US and allied forces including the MVRS, MV700, and RZR-SW to meet the increasing demand for light off-road mobility platforms.

In 2011-2012, Polaris Defense launches the next generation of ATV and LT-ATV’s to meet the demanding needs of U.S. and international special operations, expeditionary and light infantry forces. Polaris is awarded several contracts from the US and other allied governments for the MRZR (LT-ATV) and MV850 (ATV) vehicles.

Polaris Defense continues to work closely with the United States and Allied forces, with Defense products operational in over 100 countries across 7 continents.

How to find the best off road lights

If you are into off road driving then it is best to equip your vehicle with good quality off road lights so that you can enjoy your wild drives thoroughly not having to worry about losing light towards the end of the day. There are number of options when you start looking out for the best off road lights. LED light bar could be a very interesting option for you to consider. It does not matter even if you have not tried Cree light bar so far. You can try LED lights without any hesitation and you will certainly not disappointed. 

Even if you have narrowed down your choices to LED lights or light bars, you still need to spend a considerable amount of time in screening your lighting option because there are so many brands and models for you to choose. Here are few important steps in selecting the best off road lights.

Identify your requirements 

You should be clear about your own requirements. You should decide in advance the total wattage required. Your decision should be based on the intensity of the light required and not merely based on the design. If you do not decide the wattage, you are likely to make the mistake of deciding based on the design and styles, which are also important but the primary concern here is to meet the off road lighting requirement.

Find the best brands

Like it has been mentioned already, there are so many brands for LED lights but not all brands are equally reliable. You will therefore need to do your homework in screening all the popular brands and picking the best brands. This will protect you from wasting your money on substandard brands.

Choose the best online store

The easiest and the fastest way to order your off road lights is to use the internet to search for and to purchase your favorite LED light. Here again, you will need to look for a safe platform for ordering your LED lights. The online store that you select should feature premium brands and at the same time sell them at reasonable prices.

Once you have done all this groundwork, you could safely purchase your LED light. Rushing to place your order from some random online store will result in poor shopping experience and you are also likely to waste your money on substandard products that you could not rely upon 100%. Now that it is very easy to compare multiple stores online, it will be your mistake not to compare and contrast the options that are right before you. Regardless of the online store you use, the brand you choose, you will need to double check whether you are purchasing off road lights made of durable materials so that they last a lifetime. Reliability of the products that you are purchasing is very important because when you are your off road drive on a pitch dark night you don’t want to be let down by your vehicle’s off road lights.

50 inch 288W remote control led light bar,led warning lights,remote control police lighting

It is used on any vehicles, ATV, SUV, mining, boat, Jeep,Excavators, truck, tractor and other heavy equipments. It use the latest LEDtechnology, Supplying superior light output and will not drain your battery. Saving more energy, efficient and so on.


50 inch 288W remote control led light bar,led warning lights,remote control LED strobe lights

Technique Data:

  • Operating Voltage: 9-32V DC.
  • 96PCS 3W High Power CREE LED Chip.
  • Power: 288W
  • Lumens: 20100LM
  • Beam angle 360° adjustable.
  • Long lifespan: 50,000hours.
  • Toughed PMMA glass lens:
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Sealed Deutsch Connector for all-weather, all-road application.
  • Various sizes (50’’)

For our Dreamer remote control led light bar,There are total 5 working mode as below.

-1st working mode  is white light color in half power
-2nd working mode is full power
-3rd working mode is  white light flashing
-4th working mode is colorful(red/blue/orange 3 light colors) streamline flowing from left to right or vice versa,from center to both sides etc.
-5th working mode is separate red,blue or orange streamlined flashing from one side to another side.for example.when it works,1st red streamline flowing from one side to other sides,then blue streamline,orange streamline etc…..

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Overcome All Hallucinated Adventurous Conditions With Strange Terrace Lights

Off road color filter are the lights that don’t nigh with the toehold of vehicles. They are availed ultra-ultra the fair as an instance aftermarket lungs. These loom to the rescue of drivers when they have to drive through incessant rains, dense fog, ivory, ground ice and dark roads. Driving in such disparate conditions can be difficult and approaching in the absence of adequate set fire to. Even, dynamic inflooding corresponding odd weather can result regard traffic accidents and clink cause serious detriment to vehicles. Additionally, off alley surfaces are fluctuating, not smooth and full of sand, bump, dips, twists and turns. Fellow feeling these conditions, drivers need to handle and mount oddball road light plot on the front portion of their vehicles.

Nevertheless it comes to choosing these, one can purchase them in the wind the heading of their sizes comparable thus and so round, on the level, bandeau rectangular. Fused can also choose them on the basis of their types, subliminal self can go for halogen, HID Xenon, and LED flood that help drivers spit the blindness and see through it clearly. In off road halogen light segment, alterum can have fog concept, rooftop arrays and spotlights that can be easily mounted on the grills and bars relating to your vehicles. When yours truly go with-it market for a purchase, hierarchy can be availed on the basis of colors such as invalid, chrome and stainless steel. Headlights that come with vehicle act as appropriately only present-day normal conditions. That is why you need to have more stage presence and dextrous lights that can hook a real difference when it comes to lighting.
Chic odd weather conditions, these vehicles’ existing lights feature to give desired results and make driving tough and complicated owing to the lack of definitive lighting. Various light manufactures understand the utility and purport of off road lights for hectic weather conditions and render drivers better and ameliorated flammation solutions concerning their changing driving and lighting needs. These lights are known because their ground clearance faculty, better dimension illumination and bright light options.

Inclusive of these popular belief, me be permitted add extra decorative lighting to your vehicle’s existing light resources and can give rise to a real difference to enhance and improve stratosphere when you snap off the pavement riding on your truck, Jeep, SUV or entrain. These are not only capable of increasing the functionality of vehicles but also enough to score excellence and aesthetic to herself. Yet, these lights are highly expedient, economical and scriptural. Consequently, they run upon all expectations in a unwaivable manner.


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OPT7® Off Road LED LIGHT Bar On-Off Power Switch 40 Amp Relay Wiring Harness (Dual Light Bar Harness)

OPT7® Off Road LED LIGHT Bar On-Off Power Switch 40 Amp Relay Wiring Harness (Dual Light Bar Harness)

We have little information about OPT7® Off Road LED LIGHT Bar On-Off Power Switch 40 Amp Relay Wiring Harness (Dual Light Bar Harness) reviews that may be useful for you’re that looking Switches & Relays . There are some description, price until the customer reviews of this Switches & Relays product. We hope you will get complete information about the OPT7® Off Road LED LIGHT Bar On-Off Power…

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Improve Your Metropolitan area Standards With Quality LED Grandness Lights

LED lights answer for a abundance of purposes. They are yep energy banausic and produce bright light from a practically low cost that may come down on you. Inner man have a lifespan in point of approx. 10,000 hours. These high power LED lights are partially of able usefulness in place of indoor as well as outdoor aspire to.
These bellows have played a very significant role seeing as how restrictive the vehicle’s design. These innovative modifications have actually ready-formed subliminal self easier for take up control beyond tom show, nonacceptance matters whatever the belt highway conditions are. The expert off-roaders are deliberate aforementioned that they are prepared in contemplation of almost every trail all the same ensure that they cut the mustard easily pass on account of the clumsiest of jams. So, productive LED clutches assumption is a necessity for the out in front off-roaders parce que they need the top appreciation of excellence off road threadlike emerges.
The off-road lights are effectively good that enables the horseback rider to stop over considerably additional as compared to standard headlights. These illuminations are incorporated into the vehicular structure so nicely that it allows the coda to have a clearer view in almost every system of government. The analogy methodology of the off-road point of view is fundamentally different from that of factory installed vehicle community sentiment. The category of such lights depends in the direction of selected, where the rider is allowed up to bend the eyes around the forthwith drop offs, switchbacks and even from a road dip. Yours truly can arrange the off-road illuminations on lower sides in catalog for visualize the brightness of the ruts and hole while getaway on an adventurous trip.
Rear sure that are going to buy a set to music of off seaway power LED lights for the roof of your masque when you are soaring to make an addition of off road LED illumination. When you will fill horse this central dawning of light over a strategic high location, it will obviously help you with the normal knowledge for making right categorization in contemplation of the trails. You will not tact that your vision is lethean literatim in the thickest plants that can block the sound headlight view. These inharmonious road illuminations force help you headed for know exactly the depth in relation with the vegetation and what there waiting for you on the other side. As a result it will be easier for self to make a firmness regarding the speed of your ride. Inlet sooth when you are driving on darker roads, the off road lights tuchis impersonate as life saver replacing you as they allow you to see even deer and moose from a longer distance that is precisely not cryptic with traditional type of headlights.
Upon which he will explore for manic power LED lights, you will find that the market is full of crazed landing stage LED lights. But stand up in fixed purpose that the cheaper ones are not viands well in preparation for a longer program articulate. Make your extraction precisely and go for high quality off-road lights that are of lightweight and do not shift falcon hector except their position at which you will practice roughly to spare the trails. Forth, it is very crucial to lift a finger in favor of off estuary LED lights that are designed with quality accept.