Your name is NEPETA LEIJON and you are out hunting.

Well, not exactly hunting. You are out looking for fresh water, but you are still on all your senses, same as with hunting!

Because of the widespread contamination water was incredibly scarce. There were only a few places that were known to still produce some springs. This forest for example was one of them. Many of the trees were affected or course, but there were underwater springs that, if found, were a good constant supply of good, clean water.

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anonymous asked:

Can you consider yourself a firearms historian if the majority of them that you can inspect are deactivated?

I think so yes.  Speaking from personal experience I think if you’re going to study the history of firearms the actual firearm itself only makes up one aspect of what you’re going to look at.  For military rifles especially there are a lot of documentary sources like production and design paperwork, trials reports, government adoption and issuing documents. (To give an example of the breadth of documents I’ve come across while researching I’ve read letters about the tensile strength of steel used for a small spring!) Then of course there are field trials and after action reports and first hand accounts which give an indication of how the weapon worked in the field. Documentary research probably makes up about 70% of firearms research.  However, actually handling a weapon does give insight into the ergonomics, operation and it’s quality of construction etc. 

Personally I haven’t handled every firearm I’ve ever written about, it’s impossible from a practical standpoint but I’ve handled a lot of rare working firearms during research trips to places like the National Firearms Centre so it is possible. If you can examine a firearm, even a deactivated example I’d always do it.  

Have I fired firearms I’ve researched?  Yes, but very few of them, be it because of the law or they’re unavailable, too expensive to shoot and just not having the facilities or opportunity to. Would it help to have that personal experience with the weapon?  Yes I think so and if it’s possible to test the weapon personally I’d always do it. 

I think you can certainly consider yourself a firearms historian if you only have the opportunity to study deactivated weapons but it’s important to understand how they have been deactivated.  For example has the firing pin been cut off, has the trigger sear been removed or has the bolt been ground down. It’s important to know how the design you’re examining has been compromised. 

Studying the history of firearms is much broader than just physically inspecting the weapons themselves, documentary evidence in many ways is more important. So I believe if you aren’t able to handle even a deactivated example of the firearm you can still be a firearms historian if you can access other information. 

Thanks for the question. 

silkk-dashocka asked:

Would you say that many of the internet hip hop artists and collectives that are popular today (i.e. Yung Lean, TeamSESH, thestand4rd) are products of you creating this trend? Essentially giving birth to their style as a whole?

nono :) the only thing i did is taking different aspects of things/styles/music that i like and putting them together for example i liked yunglean but I also like sport wear throw em in a bowl! of course there are new small artists who are getting inspired by cyber ghetto 


Is there any actor inspiring you?

Oh yes, there are a lot, but I specifically try not to be the new “anyone” instead be the only Sam Claflin. Of course, there are many actors who inspire me but each has his own career. For example my friend Eddie Redmayne, I admire him and I think he is a great actor and he deserves everything that happens to him. (x)

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whats the clue you were looking for?

Everyone refers to Coda as the day the music died. Everyone refers to the meaning of it as the end to a musical piece. Everyone associates music with Beth and only Beth. Crazy that the music box started playing again when the guy says “I have good news”. I know he wasn’t literally talking about Beth, of course not. He was talking about the safe area, but there’s a thing called double meanings and that was strong at work here. Keep in mind Gimple said the fans would be going on a journey themselves starting with 509. I think this could be it and that it’s another example of the line of dialogue where they are directly talking to us as well. Combine that with the strange emphasis on the walker in the trunk of the car with Maggie being very upset about it for some reason. I think they’re nudging us really hard now. We were told to pay attention to 510. Clues. But it would definitely seem like they’re going to drag it out all the way to the end though. I’ll wait it out.


You are a really bad liar.

Hello there !

I wanted to thanks everybody for cheering me up ! Got a lot of messages lately and can’t answer to everybody. I didn’t think my HP fanart would take such a spread on internet.

And I wanted to add a few words about my Harry Potter’s fanarts, I know they are some hardfans out there. That is the main reason why I don’t do a lot of fanarts. But what I try to draw is not a copy and paste of the movies or the books. I try to put some of my personnality in it, how I see it and not how YOU see it. So of course I changed the design of some characters in it ! I also changed how some scenes was supposed to be. For example in the astronomy tower Bellatrix isn’t supposed to be here. But I wanted to draw her and had only one page. So I put her in that’s all. Of course If I had to deal with the full story I would be respectful with it and won’t mess around with the spirit of the books.

Those are just fanarts, never thougth I had to explain myself for having fun.

EDIT: I’m closing the “ask me anything” section for a while, I need to focus on my work :).


Hey everyone! in order to help paying my college and my dog’s last surgery i decided to start taking commissions for a indefinite amount of time (maybe i’ll stop during march) it would be nice if you guys reblog this if you can’t commission me at the moment ;u;

All payments are in USD to yazzdonut@gmail.com on paypal 

To commision me you only need to e-mail me with the type of commision you want and of course whatever you want me to draw. For any questions you can send me an ask! if i don’t reply within 24 hours, shoot me another ask.

  • After receiving full payment i will start drawing
  • For more examples of my art go here
  • I feel comfortable drawing nsfw stuff
  • Will take up to 5 days to complete my work (in case of digital paintigs)


I noticed The Walking Dead does this thing where they put their characters in fatal situatuions and leave the audience to presume they’re dead.

A few examples:
When Merle was handcuffed to the top of that building. When Rick and co. went back for him, the only thing they found was his hand and assumed he was depad, which he wasn’t

When Andrea was left at the barn. Everyone thought she was probably killed by walkers or the fire, but she wasnt.
Also, in the comics where she was shot and Rick thought she was dead and of course, she wasn’t.

When Rick chose to kick Carol out of the prison, she was left alone and we didnt see her again until 4B. I am assuming that they wanted us to believe that she died soon after.

When we were shown Judith’s bloodied carseat when the prison fell. Kirkman even told us that it was highly unlikely that she survived, but she did.

When we’re shown the bus that Glenn was supposedly on, we were supposed to assume the worst. But he survived.

In TWDG, Kenny sacrificed himself to try and save Ben. The last we saw of him in S1 was him being overrun by a horde and him being cut off mid-sentence, which led to a majority of players thinking he had died (I was really proud of myself for not thinking he was dead tbh) .Then we reunite with him in the next season.

My point is, this is a constant theme in this show. Faking and implying deaths are popular with the writers because other than an actual death, this creates major shock value which for some reason, the show loves to do. No one is officially dead unless they are buried. It has been two episodes since Beth was shot and we still don’t know what happened to her body.


Prompt: Can you do a one shot were you’re on your period in the glad and all the guys try and help by making sure you’re okay and everything? With lots of fluff. Thanks!! (:

Response: Sure! Even though it’d be awesome to be in the glade with all of those delicous boys, I would hate having periods! No problemo :)

Characters: Y/N and everyone

Fandom: TMR

Warnings: periods? if that grosses you out then…caution. Mention of SUICIDE

Being in the Glade as the only girl is…frusturating. I’m stuck with all of the hormonal guys, looking at me like I’m a piece of meat. Of course it wasn’t all bad, sometime I even got a little special treatment. Take now for example, I’m on my dreaded period.

"Alby?" I yell out as I sneak into the map room. I’m not a runner, but I am the head med jack.

"Is it…you know?" He asked, slightly avoiding eye contact. You briefly nodded, not wanting to make a big deal about it. He nodded and jutted his head at the new place he kept my pads and tampons.

About two two hours later you walked over to an empty lunch table. Do to the fact that I hadn’t needed to aid any people, I was the first person there. As I waited for Frypan to be finished with the food I heard voices.

"So, just blood? Why only gir-" I heard Ben say before being abruptly stopped.

"Y/N! How’d you sleep? How are you feeling?" Thomas asked me, a huge grin on your face. I shrugged, already feeling my cheeks heat up. Newt sit nexts to me and starts to massage my shoulders.

"I’m gonna go get my food…" I said, trailing off at the end. The nice behavior was weird and embarrassing, you already were treated like a girl all the time and now you got even more.

Gally walked behind me and put his arm around and me and smiled, he seemed to be hiding a smirk.

He asked, “How’s my favorite girl?”

I rolled my eyes, “I’m the only girl you shuck face.”

"Exactly! Let me get your fork." He said. Gally seemed to be hiding back a snide comment. You squinted your eyes at him and walked away from him, sitting across from the greenie, Chuck, was it?

"Hi Y/N. How are you?" He asked me. I smiled at the little boy, I hoped he didn’t know about the whole fiasco, I did not want any special attention.

"Fine. You?" You asked him. Before he had time to answer nearly 5 guys sat next to you, smiling nervously and eating there food with ridicolous manners.

I quickly finished your food, the awkwardness in the air could be cut with a knife. As I got up Alby waved at me. I glared at him, it must have been him who told all of the guys about my period.

"Why would you tell everyone about my period?" You asked him, being blunt. He simply winked and handed me a box. On it was something written in red marker-


I walked over to the hammocks and sat down to open the package. In were some pills that had PAIN KILLERS written on them. As soon as I read it I felt a sharp jab in my stomach. After finalizing that who ever the slint head’s who sent us here hopefully didn’t want me dead, I opened the bottle and poured 2 into my hand.

"Y/N! What are you doing!?" Minho asked running in and taking the pills from my hand. He threw them on the ground and stomped on them, just getting them stuck in his shoe.

"Pain killers!" I responded, confused by him freaking out of a simple drug. Then it hit me-he thought they were to committ suicide.

"Exactly! I know that everyone in the Glade may not be best people but we need you here! You don’t understand-" He ranted, but I stopped him.

I groaned, “They’re for my cramps! The cramps I got from my period!”

He blushed and walked away. I shook my head and took them, deciding to take a nap.

(To be continued?)

I am so done

If you think I’m a racist please do unfollow me. I am not a racist. I swear to god I’m not. I am Jewish, I know what it’s like to be discriminated, I know what it’s like to and I know it’s the worst feeling in the world. My grandparents lost their family because of racism. Don’t you dare tell me I am a racist without realizing only because I said skin colour should not be a subject. I said it should be about the dancing. I never said it’s not a problem, I never said we should not do something about it.
The mere reason I added the example of Swan Lake was because I wanted to explain the ballet world doesn’t hate black people, and maybe I misinterpreted the English word of racism because of course it’s racism when you turn down people for the colour of their skin but in my language perhaps racism simply means hating people for the colour of their skin, and that’s not the issue here. And that is what I wanted to make clear, because if black people were refused because companies are hating on the colour of their skin then we have a very deep a troubling problem that is much more difficult to solve. That’s, however, not the case. The problem we do have is simply resolvable by adding plenty more black dancers so the whole case of them ‘standing out’ is not there anymore. The step to do it, however, is a difficult one because you can’t expect companies to suddenly hire ten dancers, that’s not how it works. 
I simply tried to explain the problem. 
So now, don’t you dare call me a racist, don’t you dare do that, and have the guts to send me ‘If I meet you in real life I’ll kill you, you filthy racist’ messages under your blog’s name and not anon. 
Unfollow me, please. I don’t want to be followed by people who think I’m a racist. 
I promise you, I won’t even notice.

Now I’d like to go back to blogging about the things I like, about the ballet I love so much. It’s impossible to have proper, calm, grown up discussions on tumblr because everyone gets all upset and calls you names. people twist your words.


Pose Commissions!

Can you see your pony in one of the above poses? No? Then we should work on that!

Suggest me a price and the pose you want for your character via Fanmail, Ask, Submit or Skype and I’ll finish it for you. Characters may be male or female and be of any race (Unicorn, Pegasus, Earthpony, Alicorn or whatever your OC is!).

You may also suggest a background, be it easy or complicated. We can discuss everything. :)

Examples for the outcome can be found here!! 

You don’t like the above poses or you are thinking about something completely different? Well then contact me! As I said. We can discuss everything. Of course I can also change your pony’s facial expression.

Payment will be accepted via Paypal only! Note: My goal at the moment is 30 up to 50€. To reach it would be the best thing ever.

A little boost would be highly appreciated! <3

alonelyharry asked:

Feminism is the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. If you consider that a hate movement against men (from reading your blog for about 5 seconds i picked up that you think men are being oppressed by feminists), then you need to get your shit together and actually learn what feminism means before being sexist.

All political movements must be judged upon their actions not their words. Otherwise, how, for example, could anyone possibly object to the “War On Terror”? I mean, no one likes terror, right? Therefore anything carried out by the American (and British, etc) governments under that banner can only be entirely above reproach and accountability.

Make sense?

No, of course it doesn’t. Because people with an interest in manipulating others for their own ends have always found that the best way to mobilize the largest number of people to their aid is by claiming for their own older, nobler ideas than whatever it is they happen to be selling today, words like ‘Freedom’, ‘Democracy’, ‘Liberty’, ‘Justice’, ‘Truth’, ‘Equality’… all concepts that do not belong to any specific ideology but are exploited by just about all of them.

Feminism does not own the concept of equality just because it says it does, any more than Christianity or Communism do, and an objective observer looking on would have to conclude that as a political movement/organization, it has never actually worked towards ‘equality’ at all, only on behalf of female privilege, and in fact every gain it has made has been made only through a 40-year+ torrent of male-blaming and shaming propaganda.

The retort usually given to that is that this is because of women’s position as some kind of downtrodden underclass, and when feminism (and only feminism) has magically solved this ‘problem’ sometime in the hazy, far-off distant future that never seems to come, then and only then will men be worth treating as equal human beings instead of a despised class of “oppressors”.

But this belief itself originates only with feminist teaching, it’s by no means a plain, objectively observable fact, and again, if one attempts to look at the human race objectively, one can see many ways in which the female of the species is far more privileged and certainly more cared for than the male, in every level of society.

If you are identifying as a feminist then you are almost certainly proceeding under the ideological assumptions that follow from patriarchy theory - which is a theory, remember, not some inarguable historical fact, and a deeply flawed, biased and unscientific narrative of history - and this is by no means the same thing as a simple belief in equal treatment and opportunity for all. Feminism has never once treated men equal to women, and far from demanding equal opportunity has for decades only demanded special treatment for women at the expense of men, over and over and over again.

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since i hit a milestone yesterday, and because i have photoshop now as well,  i will host a mini 
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A demon can append any title to themselves they please. There are, for example, a few dozen demons calling themselves [So-and-so] the Demon of Broken Things and (unsurprisingly) several thousand Demons of Coolness. However, Demon "society" being what it is, only the most powerful can lay exclusive claim to a title without fear of someone attacking them to steal it or keep it their own. Alcor himself got into several tussles to keep "Dreambender" - which tapered off as he got stronger, of course.


Hey everyone, I’ve always been open for commissions, but now I would like to advertize for it because money’s a bit tight at the moment.. I keep stressing out when I have to spend a little more than planned and a bit extra would definitely help. So if you’re interested, or if you have any questions, you can message me here, or send me a mail at danicat91@gmail.com.

I would like to add that the prices listed above are for one character. Every additional character is half that price extra, so for example: a clean sketch with two characters would be 8+(8/2)= €12.

You can ask for characters from any fandom, or even OC’s if you like. If you want something specific you can send me references for inspiration, but you don’t have to of course. The only thing I prefer not to do at this moment is comics and animations (and clay busts of course).

I usually work with paypal, but if you prefer some other way, let me know.

Cheers! ^^

Poster for The Imitation Game (2014)

Saw this today and was quite impressed.  A terrific performance from the Ubiquitous Mr. Cumberbatch, who scores double points for not only clearly distinguishing the two antisocial, wildly brilliant, low-affect men he’s now best known for portraying, but also for aging his character emotionally, subtly but unmistakably, over the course of the film.

To provide context and variety, director Morten Tyldum adroitly weaves scenes of the Blitz and the war on land and sea with those at Bletchley Park, where Turing and the codebreakers worked on cracking Germany’s Enigma code.

A well-done example of the classic biopic.