One more for obscure fandom week!

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Oh god, I find the fact that I really like this show a guilty pleasure or something. Why did I spend more time on this than on the Grim Fandango picture too, oh my god.

Anyway, story time. When I was a young teen and when it aired on fox kids/jetix, it was probably my favourite show on the channel. I also kinda belonged in the small fandom it had and drew fanart for it and shit. Until, of course, it was cancelled after several seasons and during a CLIFFHANGER. And these days, I get happy at the mere mention of this show, because it’s fucking obscure and I am fucking stupid.

Anyway, this show apparently was meant as an affectionate western parody of anime and japanese media. So, you get campy-ness, lots of epic shit, lots of tropes, lots of cool dramatic shit etc. The style looked like something Craig McCracken would create after watching too much animu. The story, and characters… Well, imagine the usual epic shit you love in your save-the-world-with-robots-or-monsters animes, and you get that. The main kid hero is the chosen one, the robot monkeys (what, it’s a parody)(they were actually cyborgs btw) have different, but usual to media, complimenting personalities (which work well, because it’s an age old combination) the badguy is fucking evil, scary and undead and voiced by Mark Hamill, the love interest girl is sweet and fucking annoying, and yes, there is the former-good-guy-now-bad-guy, which, of course is the dark hidden secret etc.

I don’t know why, but all of that just worked so well for me, I was really interested in the characters, story, and the environment. Even if it was a parody, it was a parody that took itself seriously, and allowed the story to go on and turn dark and shit. 

I probably liked it because it was like a light read? Maybe, idk. For all I know, I could be wrong about everything I just wrote here, since it’s been ages, and I only have wikipedia and tvtropes to refresh my memory.

Oh, and about the actual picture- this was my favourite member of the team, Antauri, the powerful meditating monk-wise adviser right hand man type of guy. With a hot voice. Yep. That died and then came back as a silver robot. Yep. I told you this show is awesome.

Oh, and in the bg is his ~humanisation~, because I humanise EVRYTHING and I also used to have humanisations of all of them monkees back then, and they were horrible. Too bad I can’t find the pic anymore *sigh*