anonymous asked:

MTF here, can you help me with how dysphoric my lack of curvy hips makes me? Thanks.

Chrissi says:


(By that I mean pads for your hips, not fashionable accommodation)

Buy em

Make em

Work em girl!

Other options include…

GYM… “Oh noes not the gym” I hear you cry “That is when big manly men type humans go, and I don’t want to look like them!”

Panic not. Us girls go to the gym too, and we do wonderful exercises that make our bums and legs look hot. Step 1. Do exercises that concentrate on the bum/hip region. Step 2.Tone them good, they will look bigger, and hotter, and everything. Step 3. OWN ITTTT! #BiWinning

#Squats - Trust me, baby got back.

The other thing you could do would be to wear a waist cincher, this will make your waist look teeny tiny, and thus, your hips bigger.
Combine this with wearing low cut tops, to draw attention away from shoulders, and you are on to a winner.
Do your best to elevate any other forms of dysphoria and stress you can. When we have less on our plate, the stuff we have left is easier to manage. So tuck, stuff, stress ball, do your hair, such candles, many bath.

Sorry you’re feeling bad sweetheart. Nasty stuff is this dysphoria lark.
Much love.