Man With Severed Spinal Cord Walks Again After Cell Transplant

“A man paralyzed for two years is now walking again, albeit with a frame, after a transplant to his spine. The treatment, to be published in this month’s Cell Transplantation, has been under discussion for a while, but has only now shown success.

In 2010, Darek Fidyka was repeatedly stabbed, rendering him paralyzed from the chest down. Fortunately, however, his nose was unscathed.

Olfactory ensheathing glia (OEGs) surround olfactory axons, the nerve fibers that conduct electrical charges from the nose to the brain to allow us to smell. What makes them of interest to spinal patients is that OEGs maintain their capacity to promote new neurons into adulthood.”

(via IFLScience)


An old picture, but this was one of our little hens who snuck into the garage via a cracked window to make her nest in a tin full of tiny bags of screws and nails.  We moved her and her eggs to a plastic tub on our porch where she hatched out her little ones amongst the hardware.

I’m wondering if part of what makes Kaneki/Sasaki so appealing to ghouls is that fact that, due to having a female’s kakukou, he smells gender ambiguous.

Every ghoul that has commented on Juuzo’s scent has found him delicious. However, due to his castration, he never developed gender characteristics. So, Suzuya is also gender ambiguous.

Tsukiyama had no interest in Kurona & Nashiro, despite them receiving the same kakuhou as Kaneki. (He even insults their scent/taste). But they’re women who received female kakuhou.

Seidou commented that he’s never tasted anything like Sasaki. Yet it seems likely that he should have tasted One-Eyed Ghouls - even if it’s just himself. But I think conditions were hash enough he’s probably been fed Kanou’s ‘failures’ or fought other OEG. However, all the CCG Investigators Tatara took for Kanou were male, and Yoshimura is male too.

Which leads us to Tooru, the other BLITZ tasty OEG (Quinx). Mutsuki requested to the Quinx recruiters to be treated as male. It’s possible that Mutsuki has a male’s kakuhou, thus also smells gender ambiguous. (It would also explain Torso’s reaction better. I don’t think it’s that Mutsuki was speaking masculine and wearing pants that led to Torso’s confusion, it’s more likely to be Mutsuki’s scent. Ghouls can determine gender by scent - usually).

Of course, we don’t know how the other Quinx taste, but it does seem that it takes more to be ‘tasty’ than simply being a OEG/Quinx.

One Eyed Ghouls Part 2: Eto, Kaneki & the Quinx

A theory about what makes One-Eyed Ghouls different to Ghouls and why that’s so valuable. This would be a massive post so I’ve split it into 3 parts;

It’s been stated that ghouls eat humans to gain RC cells and can store the cells in their kakuhou to be used in kagune.

Clearly, humans alone can produce RC cells, which is why ghouls feed exclusively upon humans (and coffee). Nowhere does it say ghouls can produce RC cells, it just says they can stock RC cells.

My second supposition is ghouls can’t produce RC Cells.

Thus, OEG can not only store RC cells, like a ghoul, they produce RC cells, like a human.

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remember when the oilers said they had A big announcement involving bob nicholson and everyone was like yes… finally…. a competent new president or gm… thank god… but then all they did was name him vice-chairman of the OEG 

One Eyed Ghouls Part 1: RC Scan Gates

A theory about what makes One-Eyed Ghouls different to Ghouls and why that’s so valuable. This would be a massive post so I’ve split it into 3 parts;

There isn’t a clear description of how the gates work, but quoting Touka;

I don’t understand it well but ghouls have an “RC factor” ten times higher than a human. When those cell readings are examined a ghoul can be found out in just one try.

Yet Eto passed through these gates, and presumable Sasaki goes through them regularly without any issues. That’s quite the mystery, as logically, according to that explanation it should detect them as ghouls. There have been a few theories floating around about why OEGs can pass through, but none that satisfactory explain it. So, I thought I’d give it a bash and the answer I came up with led to other answers.

My first supposition is that the gates ability to do an RC count is a lie. I think the gates may detect something else. They only say this to misled ghouls into thinking there’s no way to fool the scanners - and I think Eto knew this.

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