Man With Severed Spinal Cord Walks Again After Cell Transplant

"A man paralyzed for two years is now walking again, albeit with a frame, after a transplant to his spine. The treatment, to be published in this month’s Cell Transplantation, has been under discussion for a while, but has only now shown success.

In 2010, Darek Fidyka was repeatedly stabbed, rendering him paralyzed from the chest down. Fortunately, however, his nose was unscathed.

Olfactory ensheathing glia (OEGs) surround olfactory axons, the nerve fibers that conduct electrical charges from the nose to the brain to allow us to smell. What makes them of interest to spinal patients is that OEGs maintain their capacity to promote new neurons into adulthood.”


(via IFLScience)


An old picture, but this was one of our little hens who snuck into the garage via a cracked window to make her nest in a tin full of tiny bags of screws and nails.  We moved her and her eggs to a plastic tub on our porch where she hatched out her little ones amongst the hardware.

A superwholack blog is trying to tell me that there’s not a group of people who have it worse in war.
I’m pretty sure that the dead people with shrapnel in their brains have it worse that the general sitting back giving the orders.
I’m pretty fucking sure that the guy who yad to get his fucking oeg cut off because of an ied has it worse than his wife and kids.
Beleive it or not there is such a thibg as a worse situation. Just because your pain exists does not make it the same as the pain of another.

anonymous said:

Wait, you and your wife have procedures and arrangements already in place in case a random DW character appears in your bed? "Wow. Xiahou Dun? That'd be formation OEG XD, then." That's insane. And awesome.

These sorts of questions come up when you’re in a long-term monogamous relationship. “Hey, what if Sima Yi just kind of…showed up? Could I…” “Yeah, you can hit that. It’s extenuating circumstances because HOW THE HELL IS HE EVEN…?”

These are questions that couples need to answer.

Hell we have a game we play about it. Ask my wife about the copy machine sometime.


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Wer hätte gedacht, dass ÖPNV so Spaß machen kann? Bei der RNV in Mannheim war heute Tag der offenen Tür (oder besser: Man konnte sehen, wo die Bahnen schlafen). Klar, es gab natürlich ordentlich Bespaßungsprogramm für die Kleinen, aber ehrlich, auch für uns Große war es superspannend. Wann kann man schon mal mit ‘ner von einem Interessenverein schön restaurierten Bahn Baujahr 1939 durch die Stadt fahren (die stark an die schönen carros eléctricos in Lissabon erinnert)? Oder eine Bahn aus den 60ern bestaunen? Werkstatt, Leitzentrale - überall durfte man einen Blick reinwerfen. Und die super freundlichen Mitarbeiter mit unendlichen Fragen löchern - ich kann fast selbst einen Vortrag über Leitungswartung halten. :-) Das Highlight war sicher, dass man mal eine Straßenbahn selbst fahren konnte - leider nur, wer schnell genug in die Liste kam. Respekt noch mal an den Mann, der heute sicher hundert Mal die gleiche Einweisung gegeben hat. Vielleicht lasse ich ja doch mal wieder öfter das Auto stehen?