An old picture, but this was one of our little hens who snuck into the garage via a cracked window to make her nest in a tin full of tiny bags of screws and nails.  We moved her and her eggs to a plastic tub on our porch where she hatched out her little ones amongst the hardware.


E m i l y   G i t t

When I found out that I was going to be placed with another foreign teacher, I was happy that I wouldn't be alone, but also nervous as it meant I would be living with someone I have never met before.   All I can say now is THANK YOU OEG!  Thank you for placing me with such an amazing person who is now one of my closest friends.  We have seen each other cry, laugh, vomit, snore, drool, fall over (many times) and many more.  We always used to joke and say “Thank  goodness I wasn't placed with a f******g freak!!” hahaha.  I am sad my journey with you in Thailand has ended, but grateful that we have crossed paths and excited for many more new adventures!!  Lets start planning that USA road trip!   

I miss you teacher ‘Emiry’!!  xoxox


Chatuchak weekend market is the monster of all markets. It is the biggest market in Thailand and has almost everything you can think of. You want a shirt of Captain Kirk holding a light saber. Done.

Rabbits, puppies, cats and hamsters? Check.

Faux Rolex and every other high priced watch/purse? It’s here.  

But the best thing about Chatuchak isn’t variety of goods, the man who twirls as he makes tea (see video) or even the dude that walks around with a squirrel on his shoulder (see picture) but the food.

Oh. Em. Gee.

Fresh fruit, deserts galore, noodles, soups, different types of rice, curries, fresh made juices and other delectable edibles. Then of course there was the shawarma…SHAWARMA! It was glorious.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdQs7c-Oegs)