Recent events
  • Went on a field trip to the MacSkimming outdorr education centre which was a blast. Trudged through dirt and such, caught a decent sized toad and enjoyed nature for a few hours.
  • Played squash at Ottawa U with my friend and had a blast! We suck but plan on playing every Friday after class to get better by summer. We then want to take it to the tennis court and try our hand at it.
  • Fell asleep from 7pm-7am Wednesday night and thus didn’t do homework and ended up handing in assignment late, good on ya Karena -___-. My body needed it so bad though!
  • Had a wine and cheese night with my volley llamas. Then somehow was convinced to go out in a roots sweater and leggings. I looked so dingy sweating my tail off at the heart and crown. shows how much I care what others think.
  • Did dance as this week’s section of art class. Did yoga and also choreographed hilarious and simple dances in teams.
  • Started reading Eleanor and Park and am obsessed with the writing. So funny and adorable. But also real life issues in it.
  • Got voted into an unreal position. I am this years OECTA representative for the Ottawa U B.Ed students! I get a free trip to the gala in Toronto at the end of the year, will make connections with people and be first to know what the deal is with OECTA/help all my peers, YAY. I did have to say a speech ( I was first on top of it) that was unprepared seeing as we found out about the position right before voting! I was up against 7 others and somehow won the crowd over woo! Almost shit my pants in the proccess though…
  • Had a little birthday get together yesterday! We tried to get into El Camino but failed due to the 3 hour wait :(. Ended up at the standard which was fine… i got fish tacos to spite El Caminio. Then we came back to my place and played Anomina/ Cards Against Humanity.  We also had delish Pillsbury pumpkin cookies and some new pumpkin spice ones with cream-cheese chips ( SO GOOD). I also received way to many nice things and cards. SO lucky to have the amazing friends I do <3 so grateful!!!!