Indian sand sculptor Sudarsan Pattinaik and 30 of his students created a massive installation depicting 500 Santas or ‘Sand-tas’ on the beach behind Panthanivas hotel in Puri, Odisha, India. Created in December 2012, the piece required nearly 5000 tons of sand and took about 4 days to complete. Intended to raise awareness about global warming, the displaced Santas were sculpted along with one large sand sculpture of Jesus and the message “Go green, save Earth.”

“I always try to give some awareness messages through my sculpture to the world, so I chose the awareness about global warming through Santas as the subject at the year end,” Pattnaik told the India Education Diary.

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An illustration based on a story about the native Bonda people of Odisha and the coal and bauxite mines ruining their land as well as their culture from the influx of ethno-tourists. The ruination of native cultures because of ‘human safaris’ and illegal mining in Odisha are still a huge problem today.

I had this image in my head of a Bonda girl in the 60s sabotaging a coal mine by loosing all the working horses and so this happened.

Here’s the inks!


On Sep 12th, I wrote about the supercyclone that hit my home state of Orissa in India. It is still marred by floods - water everywhere, not a drop to drink.

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You can read all the 30 posts I’ve written about the grave situation in Orissa when it comes to basic access to clean drinking water.


500 Santa Clauses Sand Sculpted in India (by Sudarsan Pattnaik)

If you are wondering where Santa is, just go to the beaches of Puri, India. World renowned sand sculpture artist Sudarsan Pattnaik and 30 of his pupils have constructed a massive sand installation featuring 500 Santas of all sizes and one big Jesus with a message to the world:

Go Green,Save Earth.”

Merry Christmas To All :))