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Hi!:) Do you have any fics that are similiar to "The Faults in Byun Baekhyun" / "When Straight goes Wrong" / "Troublemaker" - Things like that~? (thanku)

I feel like these fics do have the same theme with the ones you’ve mentioned above. These are all school aus, have fun ^^, 

- Admin Rose

BET International Act: Africa - 2015 Nominees

The BET Awards 2015, nominations list has finally been revealed and this year, hit artists such as; Wizkid, Sarkodie and AKA are amongst some of those nominated for the BET International Act: Africa.

This full list of Nominees is:









UK based Afrobeats artist Fuse ODG has also been nominated in the Best International Act: UK, which includes UK artists; FKA TWIGS, FUSE ODG, LETHAL BIZZLE, LITTLE SIMZ, MNEK and STORMZY.

Who will you be voting for? - Leave a comment and let us know

Check out the full list of BET Awards Nominations 2015 down below..

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Hey guys! Just a quick update on my doujin! So basically there was still this panel meant for the sixth page. 

Page 6 here http://polyxenikarinpurityminervaawe.tumblr.com/post/116592184629/page-6-of-my-doujin-road-to-uchihkage-mikoto

After some discussions with ODG I decided to go for this plot after all (I had something else in mind before ODG actually came up with the wonderful idea of having Mikoto apologize for Sasuke.)

We all know what a kind and traditional woman Mikoto was, and even if it was not shown I believe she is a tigress in heart. Yes she was a jounin, but still she is showing Karin the kindness she deserves. An aplogy from her side was in order, since it was her clan along with Konoha that drove Sasuke to do what he did in the first place. Especially since his stabbing of Karin did hold meaning and it was done for Itachi, her older son. 

So yeah. I hope you enjoy this little panel. Page 7 should come up soon!

Sorry for the long wait guys!

Plot: Me

Art: ODG operadeglace

The rest of the pages here: http://polyxenikarinpurityminervaawe.tumblr.com/post/115746485279/since-its-been-quite-a-while-i-thought-of


BTS Members Revealed Their I-NEED-ITEMS! 

[Heart_a_tag] ep.04


New Music: Fuse ODG – Only

Fresh from the Motherland, Fuse ODG has released the audio to his latest single “Only” produced by Killbeatz.


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The Monday Morning Playlist 

🎵 Three Little Birds - Bob Marley & The Wailers 

🎵 The Gift of Sound - Little Comets

🎵 I Will Wait - Mumford and Sons

🎵 T.I.N.A. - Fuse ODG ft. Angel

🎵 Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club

🎵 Kathleen - Catfish and the Bottlemen

🎵 Bohemian Like You - The Dandy Warhols

🎵 She Moves in her Own Way - The Kooks

🎵 Rude - Magic!

🎵 Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackon ft. Justin Timberlake

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intense episode
  • i just watched episode 22 of the flash and dafaq did i just watch????
  • i thought na mashiship yung metahumans but then snart is just ugh gsgbodbg though i kinda expected na magiging kupal nanaman si snart but bruh everything was fine kaya kala ko magiging maayos
  • eddie is faking gay, nakipag-break siya kay iris bc of what dr. wells let him see i mean he could have fought for her instead diba diba 
  • and bro what an amazing scene yung the flash, ronnie and arrow vs. the reverse flash that was surely intense ang awesome lang talaga nung part na yon
  • i didn’t expect na mamamatay si dr. wells and i’m sure di pa siya patay or echos lang idk i have this feeling na eepal pa din siya sa season finale next week
  • odg i’m so excited sa season finale huhu sorry for the spoilers though
░ au ( ᴀᴄᴇ & ʏᴏᴏɴᴀ )

+ yoonalt

Ace! Will you help us down here?”

The boy could only let out a sigh as he jogged downstairs. Surprisingly he had come out his room on the first yelling; Ace could not really be bothered by anything when he’s writing songs. But apparently, by the tone of his mother’s voice, there’s something more important than what he’s doing.

“What is it?” A whine was quick to come out from his lips as soon as he reached the kitchen, to which he was surprised to see so busy. “What’s with all the preparation?”

Not too long after he slumped his elbows on the counter to observe, a ringing could be heard from the living room. Ace was sure it was from his mother’s phone, and instantaneously she had motioned at her son. “Dear, can you get that for me?”

Still utterly confused on what the night was all about, Ace just obeyed orders and went to get the ringing device. The caller ID reads Im Yoona; even though he wasn’t very keen on meeting her mother’s friends, he knew them by names, and clearly this one’s new because he’s never heard of her.

“Mom, it says Im Yoona–should I pick up?” He called from the living room.

“Yes, dear! She’s our guest tonight.”

Not wasting any time, he swiped at the screen. “Hello? This is Ace speaking, my mom’s pretty busy right now.”

                                 OPIUM ● ESCORT ● OPEN

The one that got away. This rags to riches gem is one serious entertainer. A bat of a lash and a flash of smile - you'd wish that was all that was to her. Well tough shit, joke's on you.


Bianca Mihal was not made for greatness. Rooting from her early ancestors, the Mihals have always and will forever be from the slums. Many times, Bianca’s grandfather, and father have tried to change that. They moved, everywhere. From place to place in her birth home of India, to city, to little town in their most recent place in Britain. There were moments, times that lasted for a year, when they seemed to rise to the surface–only to fall back down to where they were meant to be. It is said, long ago, that Bianca’s ancestors were cursed by a woman with long dark hair and jade eyes. The story was passed down from generation to generation, fact and fiction being misconstrued every time it was spoken of. Bianca, believed every word. Being unlucky was no longer sufficient enough for the girl, who needed more than just faith to go on. Love filled and flowed like water within the Mihals, and Bianca recognized every bit of it. However, as she grew older, the tides got bigger. 

Bianca and her father butted heads every chance there was. Whether it be wanting to go to an actual school or to be like all the other girls; there was no limit when it came to their arguments. Bianca could see that their fights broke her mother’s heart, and maybe her father’s too. However, Bianca was a stubborn teenager, the type that hated looking like a fool. Her mother could never choose a side. There was never a time that Bianca won over her father, or her father won over her. Her mother knew that two strong minds would never waver in a battle like theirs. Before Bianca and her father could truly make amends, they were both too late. It was a long hidden secret that her mother had been battling cancer. It was a matter of time when she started to show the signs. In a blink of an eye, Bianca had lost her best friend, and was left with the man that used to be. After the funeral, Bianca and her father only grew further apart. Their hearts were heavy, and talking to each other only seemed like a chore. By the age of eighteen, Bianca was ready to live a different life. Through a friend, word was spread of Toxic City and the magic that came with it. With nothing but a backpack full of clothes, Bianca left her father without a word. 

With her hopes held high, Bianca was determined to make a new life in Toxic City. However, the slum life lingered in her bones, unable to catch a break. For weeks, she resorted to begging for money on the street, even during the coldest of nights. Bianca felt a strong connection to The Garden of Eden, unintentionally making the location her official begging spot. Without much thought, Bianca bounced her hands to passerbys, not bothering to catch a glimpse of any kind strangers. With the light touch of the hand, Bianca lifted her head to the gentle touch, only to meet eyes with a man in a suit. Ecstasy had been watching Bianca for days, her every move was his concern. After bringing her inside the club, Bianca laid out her whole life to him, finding it unbelievably easy. Never finding herself to be the ‘open book’ type, there was something about Ecstasy that made everything so easy. After giving her a place to stay for a few nights, and food for her to eat, he finally made a decision. Ecstasy brought Bianca under his wing, making her into a Flower–his most prized possession. 

Snapdragon, was the name given after seeing Bianca out on the floor for the first time. She didn’t parade herself around the club life a professional, but the look in her eyes filled one with desire and lust. Yet despite her popularity with the customers, Bianca hated being a Flower with every fiber of her being. Yes, money was good; and yes, she started rising from the slums; but this? This was hell. Bianca was desperate for money, but using her body in such a way made her sick. However, money was still money. To her, Ecstasy was her… friend, and felt rude about stating her opinion and kept her lips sealed. And so, she stuck with being Snapdragon for years until an Angel, took her away from it all. It took a while for Snapdragon to get what she wanted, but eventually, Ecstasy gave her the freedom she so desired. After five years in the ring, Snapdragon made it out and became what she’s known to be now–the most desired escort in all of Toxic City. Where her current name, Opium, long reigns.


Before Opium became the most wanted escort in all of Toxic City, she was Snapdragon–the second Flower to enter the Flower Ring. Due to Ecstasy’s favoritism, Snapdragon became the exception to a lot of the dirty work Flowers were meant to do. This brought a lot of envy from the other Flowers, making her time in the Flower Ring even harder than it already was. Snapdragon hated being one. Despite how she saw Ecstasy, she found the Flower Ring to be one of the worst things a person could be apart of. Which is why she feels as though she owes her life to Angel. Because of of him, Bianca was able to truly crawl her way to the top, now one of the wealthiest Drugs in Toxic City. She’s employed by Angel, but is independent in her work. Before, Opium followed Angel’s rules when it came to being an escort. However, now that she’s essentially her own boss, she follows her own rules. Opium also scouts her own escorts, determined to change the game. 


Ecstasy: More than an employer and employee relationship, anybody could tell that there was something more between Ecstasy and Opium. She believed she owed her life to the man that saved her from it. While her time in the Flower Ring was tough, it was also quite exciting, especially when Ecstasy hung around. The two never spoke of their relationship. It was evident that Opium was Ecstasy’s favorite. They were the same age, and connected in ways people didn’t understand. When she fell for Angel’s offer, she needed Ecstasy to say no. In her mind, it was his way of wanting her to stay by his side. Surprised by his agreement, she left the Flower Ring, and into the escort life with Angel. Since then, the two haven’t spoken a word. There was no regret in becoming the woman she is today, but her unsaid relationship with Ecstasy… is another story.

Angel: At first, Opium didn’t think much of Angel when he first entered the club. He had ‘body guards’ and carried a mischievous smile the entire night. When Angel requested her for a private dance, she didn’t think much of that either. Men wanted private dances with her all the time. However, she only danced for a few minutes for Angel interrupted her with a proposal. He showered her with words of flattery and promises. He told her that she deserved more than this, that she was better than what Ecstasy was providing her. Everything that Angel had said were the very words she wanted to hear. She talked to Ecstasy, and after a long while, he finally let her go. Angel renamed Snapdragon to Opium. A drug often taken by men. Their relationship is strictly business as far as Opium is concerned. She respects Angel, and treats with him as though the two were of the same level in the work place.

Chrysanthemum: Contrary to popular belief, Opium found comfort in Chrys’s presence. She learned a lot from him, and appreciated the tips and tricks Chrys had to offer. It was rumored in the Flower Ring that he hated her, despite the impression he gave off. Not one for rumors, Opium often pushed them aside, giving Chrys the benefit of the doubt. They had a bittersweet farewell when Opium left the Flower Ring. Since her time at the top, she finds herself seeing Chrys around her clients, unsure if it’s just a coincidence or something else.

Matthew Dawson: Opium is very close to her fellow escorts. The girls under her care follow Opium like the mother duck, obedient to everything she asks of. However, it came to her realization that considering a male under her care might not be too bad of an idea. The girls talked of the wanderer, Matthew Dawson, a Pill looking for a way in. As of now, Opium has her eye on the handsome blonde despite the girls disdain toward the idea of a male entering the family. 

News: Stonebwoy, Sarkodie x Fuse ODG Nominated For 2015 BET Awards

News: Stonebwoy, Sarkodie x Fuse ODG Nominated For 2015 BET Awards

Stonebwoy has been nominated for this year’s BET Awards.

The Vodafone Artiste of the year 2015 is nominated in the Best International Act: Africa alongside previous winner Sarkodie.

They compete for the award with African artistes like Fally Ipupa from Congo, Yemi Alade (Nigeria), Wizkid (Nigeria), THE SOIL (South Africa), AKA from South Africa. Fuse ODG got a nod for the Best International act…

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hi i just started reading child of the leaf fanfic and i just wanted to say bless ur soul for writing it thank you!!

Thank you very much, anon! :) Your words warm my heart! I truly appreciate that you have taken up some of your precious time to read my story. It’s full of typos, grammatical errors, and a lot of mistakes, but I hope that the messages and emotions that I’m trying convey are clear and readable.

I hope that you continue reading CotL! :D That reminds me!

Chapter 20 and 21 are being posted on Wednesday, as well as the final Shinachiku/CotL Characters Q & A. :)

Thank you once again for your sweet words of kindness and support!

Mahalo and aloha!