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Этой весной в Одесском зоопарке настоящий беби-бум, сообщает сайт Сегодня.ua. 97% животных, содержащихся в этом зоопарке, нашли себе в этом году пару и теперь у многих из них появилось потомство. 

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the 2013 baby boom at Odessa Zoo, Ukraine.
goats, llamas, cormorants already have got their babies. and other animals, birds, reptiles will follow up :) 今年から2017年まで動物園大改装だそうな。

Is this the cutest picture ever?

The moment was captured at the Odessa Zoo, Ukraine, and stopped visitors in their tracks as they passed by the enclosure.

As the baby deer rested in the shade during a warm summers day the domestic zoo cat approached.

After a quick hello both decided a bit of sleep was in order and the ginger moggy nestled peacefully into the side of the deer.

Photographer Vitaly Ktach snapped the special moments and said everyone was watching on in amazement.

'The affectionate behaviour of the cat towards the young deer had myself and other visitors watching in disbelief,' explained Ktach.
‘The cat seemed to really taking its time to run its fur along the deer, which must have felt very nice.
‘It then sat down and they enjoyed gently rubbing their faces together. They looked in bliss!’

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Odessa, Ukraine:  tourists from Kiev found a little Kangaroo wandering about the Shevchenko park and brought it to the Odessa Zoo. it seemed to be thrown away by someone who had bought the animal at the black market and couldn’t take care of it any more. the zoo decided to welcome the male Wallaby as a new resident. now he has settled into his new home and the zoo staffs are negotiating with Kharkov Zoo and Kiev Zoo to get a female as his partner.  but before the future bride will arrive, he has to have a name!