Odesi published a short movie about our collaboration…

all men have secrets and here is mine: so let it be knowwwwn, for we have been through hel l and high tiede ad we cant’ relyo n you, and yeut oyuo syasr to toeeocil heavy words are so lightly thrown, btu sitll liek tleapign fro mthwehaoc hter flying butllet fot you. so what difference does it maaHAAHHAhAake? wso what doefifrence d odesi t maaaAHahaHAHaek? it ’s makes none. but, now you have gone ,hand you must be looking very old tongiht. but devil will find work for ixdlde hands to do. i stole and i lied and wined BECAUSE YOU ASKED me to. but now you make me fee lso sashamed c'cause i’;ve only gvot two hands, we;;l i’;m still fond of you,  ah oh ohoh. so what idfference doe s it maaAGHAhahAAHHEK? OHo hOHoh , what differndce tdoes it MAHahhHAHhaaAKE? oHOH hoho ho it makes none , but, nosw you have gone, and your prejduice qon’t keep you warm tonight. oh ,th se devil will find work for idle hands to do. i stole, and then i lied, jhust ebcause you asked me to. but now you the trTUHRT about me, you own’t see me any more. well, i’m still fond of you. ah oho ho. but no more apologiiiiiiiies, no more. no more, apologiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies ahaohohh. i’m too tired. i’;m so sick and tired, and i’m feeling very sick and ill today. but I@m SM still FOND of you, ah ho ho. AMASAACRVRED WARMRMMERRRRR. AAHAHAHUHUHHUHUOOUHHOHOUHHAOUOHOAHUUOOOH, AHUUUOHOH, AUUUUHOOO, AUUUUOHL, AUUUUUUUUOOOOO, AUUUOHHHHHHH, AUUUUOAHUUHHHHH, AUUUUUOUUUOUHHOOHOH, AUUUOHOHHOH, AUUUUOHHHM, AUUUOUHHH, AUUUAUHUOAOUHUH,A HAOHHOHOOO.

– What Difference Does It Make?, The Smiths