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Got tagged by this hoe papi-james

Favorite color? Blue
Favorite song? Toque toque - Da Weasel
Most embarrassing moment? I accidentally spit on my crush when I talked to him.
Favorite Footballer (Soccer Player)? OG Ronaldo and Johan Cruijff
Favourite book? The Illiad and the Oddessey.
Favorite character? Telemachos.
Favorite snack? Mangoes
Favorite quote? I can’t transale it, it ruins the pun.
If you could travel anywhere where would you want to travel? ALL of south America AND a part Asia
Favorite moment over the summer? When I met mah Tumblr homies. And when Zarya proposed.
Have any nicknames? What are they? Daffy. Call me Daffy.
I’m too lazy to write my own so answer these.

I tag mariamsanogo and babethiago