Hayatı seçin. İş bulun. İşinizde ilerleyin. Aile kurun. Büyük ekran bir televizyon alın. Çamaşır makinesi, araba, cd player, elektrikli konserve açacağı alın. Sağlığınıza dikkat edin. Kollesterolünüzü düşük tutun ve kendinize diş sigortası yaptırın. İpotekle ev alın. İyi bir ev için çalışın. Arkadaşlarınızı seçin. Hobileriniz için ayrı giysiler ve uyumlu çanta kullanın. Doğru dürüst bir çatısı olan, üç odalı pahalı bir daire kiralayın. Kanepenizde oturun, televizyonun beyninizi yıkamasına izin verin, ruhunuzu o salak yarışmalara satın ve bir şeyler tıkının. Tüm bunları yaptıktan sonra intihar edin. Sırf neslinizi devam ettirebilmek için… Ürettiğiniz o sersem bebelerin ortalığa işemesini izleyin. Geleceğinizi seçin. Hayatı seçin. Ama neden böyle bir şey yapayım ki? Ben hayatı seçmemeyi seçtim. Ben başka bir şey seçtim. Neden mi? Hiçbir nedeni yok. Kim uyuşturucu bulabildiği sürece nedenleri düşünür ki?

I was tagged by venomdelights :) (I’m really sorry this ended up being so long - I’m still recovering from getting all my wisdom teeth ripped out of my skull the other day so I’m pretty bored and in need of a distraction from the pain haha)


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1) Who is one person you consider to be an inspiration and why?

Oh god, I don’t think I consider just one person to be an inspiration.. I look up to several people who all inspire me in different ways, I guess (and they’re all very different, don’t judge me too much haha) I won’t explain them all unless someone asks me, just because I don’t want to ramble on this post too much, lol, but Jacob Hoggard, Andy Biersack, CM Punk all inspire me greatly, again - all in very different ways. And Stephen King, too, because if I could be like a tenth of the writer he is I’d be more than content.

2) What is one thing you admire about yourself?

Ack, I don’t know really.. I guess I’m pretty independent and have never had an issue expressing my opinions and “being my own person”  and all that cheesy junk, and I guess I’m clever/smart?

3) If you could change something about the world, what would it be?

I guess just the general mindset of humans, in terms of people being so judgmental, homophobic, discriminating, sexist, etc. (Typical answer, I know but meh)

4) What is your fondest childhood memory?

I don’t think I have one particular one, but stuff like hunting with my dad, being at my grandparents’ house all the time, the time I spent with my great-grandmother..

5) If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

Oh dear lord, that’s honestly too hard, I don’t know.. I’ll try to think of one though haha

6) What are a couple of your guilty pleasures?

Um, watching those lame half hour sitcoms that are always on tv, watching crappy reality tv, online shopping, sitting around in pjs on the internet/listening to music all day instead of being productive, researching/reading about/watching stuff on crime, serial killers especially.. nothing that interesting 

7) Which animal best describes you and why?

I sort of have 2.. a dog in the sense that dogs are pretty loyal and caring/loving or whatever to people they care about, etc. and a cat in the sense that I can be pretty quiet and like being off on my own for the most part, etc.

8) What was your last dream about?

I don’t remember, honestly.. the drugs I have to take to recover from the whole wisdom teeth surgery/extraction just knock me out lol

9) How would you describe your personal style?

In terms of clothes, pretty simple. The vast majority of what I own is black/grey, though lol I usually just wear jeans, band tshirts if that’s what you want to call them, and maybe a sweater or flannel shirt or something over it since I’m always cold, with sneakers. Not that fancy.

My Questions:

1) If you could have any job/career/profession you wanted, what would it be?

2) What is/are your biggest fear(s)?

3) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

4) What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

5) What is something about yourself that someone might consider weird/different/strange/unique/etc?

6) If you could give your past self one piece of advice, what would it be?

7) What are some of your hobbies/interests that you’re most passionate about?

8) What do you think a stranger’s first impression of you might be?

9) What was the last good movie you watched?

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