sonic sexuality headcanons:

sonic: grey/homosexual, grey/homoromantic

shadow: homosexual, grey/homoromantic

silver: pansexual (hopeless romantic lol)

mephiles: asexual, aromantic 

amy: straight

knuckles: straight

rouge: bisexual (more of a preference for males)

eggman: straight, aromantic 

tails: asexual, greyromantic

idk why people freak out when they realize that clear wears his grandfather’s clothes

like his grandfather’s shirt is brown, clear’s is white, his grandfather’s pants are more a greenish while clear’s are blue, so he just took his lab coat

he probably did that as a memento to remember his grandfather by, I don’t see anything wrong with that, if anything that’s just sweet but also more sad..

markiplier only has a video of the first night up of fnaf 2 but I really want to see all the other nights, I want to see the entire game but I know there aren’t any videos up yet for the whole thing..

I only have two 3DS games, and they’re both zelda

and now there’s a new zelda remake coming out for 3DS, and I plan on buying it so that’ll make three

I would have four with sonic boom but eeh idk if I want to waste my money on that..

I honestly don’t have much care for it, it doesn’t draw my attention enough to actually want to play it

I was craving a bunch of things at like 4a.m. this morning (cheesecake, fried boudin balls, onion rings, DQ blizzard, and a grilled cheese egg sandwich)

I told my grandma this and I got boudin balls for breakfast, and my mom’s gonna get me onion rings and a blizzard right now o:

and my grandma is probably gonna make me that sandwich for dinner, nice

shadow telling sonic something along the lines of, “You’re probably the only one who can make me weak.” sonic replying with smth like, “Well, no one can slow me down, but I think I can make an exception for you..”

"Not like you even need to, but thanks for the gesture," shadow says with a smirk, sonic laughs and just retorts, “You can’t keep up with me! I’m faster than you!” shadow then chuckles, “More like the other way around!”

sonic then challenges him to a race just because, shadow’s like, “Let’s go! Bring it on, faker!” referencing old times, sonic laughs and says, “It’s on, faker!” “Ha! We’ll see who is the real fake!” shadow has such a huge grin on his face

they both race each other but they are so playful about it and of course, sonic wins but shadow is like “I let you win” and sonic just laughs

ugh cute babies