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1. Favourite TV show as a kid ?

Teen Titans and Code Lyoko

2. What celebrity do you think you look like?

you know. that one. with the face.

3. What did you wanna be when you were younger?

A ballerina veterinarian. Or something along those line.

4. Describe yourself in three words.

Patient, understanding, bitch

5. What is your star sign? 

Cancer yo

6. If you were a superhero, what would your catchphrase be?

You should spend less time watching my chest and more time wATCHING MY FISTS

7. What are your top 5 fandoms?

Naruto will always be my first love. A:TLA, Harry Potter, Disney, and Homestuck

8. Go to any musical device and go to the 3rd song on the track, what does it mean to you?

haha “The Mummer’s Dance” by Loreena McKennitt

ok so this is one of my mom’s old irishy songs and I’m familiar with it cuz she’d always play this music when she felt like cleaning and being, like, spiritual? I guess? she’d open all the windows and light incense and it was like this music would sing the demons away.

9. What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen? Do you like horror movies? Why or why not?

I remember the grudge scared me a bunch when I was little. More recent movies that I find to be scary are Insidious and this one called V/H/S. It wasn’t conventional but still very creepy. 

I do love horror movies, when they actually scare me.

10. Has reading a story ever made you cry? Which one and why?

I’d like to say that I’m pretty sure I’m made of stone and pretty much nothing makes me cry unless I’m hormonal or relating it to outside stress.

that being said, I almost cried when Dobby died. Almost.

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so i had my first competition of the year and GUYS I WON MY DIVISION THIS IS SO GREAT
i have to say that this was the best competition ive ever been to
friends that weren’t participating in the event ACTUALLY came to see me sing. they took time out of their day to see me compete!!!
and TONS of people asked me how i did and told me good luck and how excited they were for me!!!
I felt so much support and love from everyone that even if id lost i can be thankful knowing how many people support and love me.
the one sad thing was the my two best friends didnt even ask about it and didnt congratulate me when several people posted about the fact that id won. i actually haven’t even heard from Bria at all. 
so…that’s a bummer

but, thank god for Bill Atkinson being put on this fricken earth. not only did he come see Brooke AND i sing, but he waited with me till 6:30 to find out if id won. the whole time calming me down (cause guys i was flipping shit waiting to find out). he truly is an amazing human being and im so thankful to have him. 
and then Brookelin?
god, she did a wonderful job and im so proud of her first ever competition AND she was so beautiful and supportive of me. 
it feels so good having someone i love so much be there with me and experience the same thing. and you know i LOVE supporting other people. of course im always very nice to everyone that performs, but so rarely am i so invested in someones performance and it felt good being able to offer up some love for someone else going through the same thing i am. 
I hope she performs in all of the competitions because i just love sharing that with her.
so then i got to be in the honors recital at the end of the day with all the winners, and that wasnt my best. i was a little scattered and tired and they chose the HARDEST of my songs for me to sing, so im not super proud of that performance. but i DID get 100 dollars and a piece of paper telling me im a boss!
over all it was a truly wonderful day and Im so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life that made it possible. 
ALSO thank you to my skittle fairies that left me a little treat last night!


Brooke and Bill, god i love them^

Dear Brooke part 2

Go to your little gear wheel bit

There will be a tab with your blog (the name of it)

Go to that tab

Scroll down

There is a little thingy that has ASK as the header


Hit save

octopusmonger replied to your post: octopusmonger replied to your post: octopusmonger…

ohh no well i think shes oki. i’ll giver her your love

Well she’s Lucky, she’s a tough nugget. I mean we don’t really want to test it but I think my wife/your mother could survive a nuclear explosion in nothing but her pajamas (there’s a joke in there somewhere guys)

Don’t send my love send YOUR love

My love is no good, don’t SEND it anywhere

that’s a waste of good postage