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YES and i want the not twins to have super special synchronized twinny powers and i want them to be titan shifters with MATCHING TITAN POWERS like trip is super defensive like the armored titan and virus is like boom boom pow super strong and fast snake-ish idk im too excited to think about it clearly but wow i love this

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yeah i am extremely conflicted w/ feelings for kesuke but like the entire game is kinda like that? IF YOU WANTED SWEET AND FLUFFY YOU PLAYED THE WRONG GAME orz

nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooo i was betting on at least keisuke and rin’s route being MILDLY NOT HARDCORE and intense but i guess not im sad now

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i could probably write a thesis on why i don’t like keisuke’s character tbh

omg i loved him a lot up until he did that thing to akira and uuguughh i still love him but his route was just kind of ugh not good but yeah u should write that thesis!! well if you want but you’re never going to convince me to not love keisuke huehue

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hi there!! thank you so much for the follow! nice to meet you, vera, and hope you have a lovely day /o/

omg i//ahhh thank u for following back wow im so embarrassed thank u ur blog is a+ and ur url is gr8 thank u wow uwu

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maybe i will one day! lol then again, i’ve just never been a fan of the best friend character idk. i really just need t o replay tnc orz

I THOUGHT I WAS LIKE THAT since i didnt like koujaku but then suddenly im in love with makoto from free and keisuke and idk maybe it’s only when the bf is brown-haired or something