Sam Octigan “What You Can’t Forget.”

Australian artist Sam Ocitgan (Previously on Supersonic) has a solo show, “What You Can’t Forget,” opening April 10th at Just Another Project Space in Melbourne, Australia.  The body of work deals with thoughts about history repeating itself and what justice might really mean.  Keep reading for more work from the show and a glimpse into Octigan’s studio as well as a video:

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Art V Cancer is hosting it’s second exhibition, ‘Bending Time & Space’ on 30th August 6pm at the 2022NQ in Manchester, raising money for Cancer Charities. Featuring screen prints, giclee prints and one-off pieces of art by amazing international and established artists.

Following on from the successful ‘Live Long & Prosper’ Exhibition last year (including a contribution from Sir Patrick Stewart/Captain Jean-Luc Picard), ‘Bending Time & Space’ promises to be another fantastic opportunity to get yourself amazing limited edition pieces of art and help raise money for Cancer Charities. Bend some time and space in your diary, come along have a drink then buy a print!

Full list of artists include:

Alan Dalby | Andy Hau | Ben The Illustrator | Chris Madden | Chris Malbon | Erin Gallacher | Godmachine | Guy Mckinley | Heather Sheppard | James Howard | Jess Gurr | Joshua Budich | Kyle Wilkinson | Matt Lyon | Natalie Griffiths | Oliver Frappe | Paul Hallows | Raid71 | Sam Gilbey | Sam Octigan | Sarah Cowan |Tony Hodgkinson | Tyler Stout | Zara Taylor

Featuring signed limited edition prints from www.artvcancer.com raising money for Cancer Charities.

If you would like to know more please contact Julia@raid71.com