Good news!!

So I got accepted to do the training for IMAlive.org, I’m super excited. This will certify me as an online counseling and suicide intervention specialist (OCSIS). But before I start the training, I need to raise $250 to cover the cost of it.

Any little bit helps, even $1… and if you can’t donate, it would be great if you can spread this around so I can raise the money and start my training soon :)

Here’s the link to my profile on IMAlive.

Thanks so much! You guys are awesome!!



30 million - ocsis

Inmates can find freedom behind bars

Inmates can find freedom behind bars

Since 2009, 225 inmates of Oregon State Correctional Institution in the USA have learned Transcendental Meditation, one of a range of self-improvement and employment programmes offered for inmates of Oregon State Correctional Institution. OCSI staff say the programme has produced significant changes in inmates mood and behaviour. One participant, Sisi Faupau, found that meditating helped him…

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