Haley Nixon || 19 || Freshman || Sexual Orientation || The Clef Hangers || FC: Rachel McAdams || OPEN

Haley Nixon is all about fashion, never stepping out if her room without making sure she looks her absolute best. She hopes to become one of the greatest fashion designers, having shows that are just as popular as Christian Dior, Vera Wang, and many other elite fashionistas. Haley is a go-getter, self-assured, and loves to think big. She joined The Clef Hangers thinking it’d be something both fun to do and a way to build a foundation that could lead to her making a name for herself.

Nathan Cain || 18 || Freshman || Sexual Orientation || The Clef Hangers || FC: Liam Hemsworth || OPEN

A Florida native, Nathan Cain has always been a fan of sunny and warm weather. When he still lived in Florida, Nathan loved to go out every morning and afternoon surfing. He had dreams of becoming the best surfer in the state, but while chasing his dream, he let his grades plummet. In a fit of rage, Nathan’s father broke his surfboard, which wasn’t cheap either. Once things settled down, Nathan’s father promised to buy his son a very pricey surfboard of Nathan’s choosing if he attended a college and got involved in some sort of extracurricular activity and maintained decent grades. Accepting the deal, Nathan came to Barden University and, though not as passionate about singing as the other students in the acapella groups, he joined The Clef Hangers as acapella seemed to be the big thing at the university and he was always up for a challenge.