so the great park anniversary was today

the fireworks were fucking amazing

but the airshow was HOLY SHIT HOW DO YOU FLY LIKE THAT

they had a whole segment of the park dedicated to the army/marine/air force so I got a set of dogtags that said “John Watson M.D.” even though that would never have appeared on John’s tags (It’d go more like “Watson, John” amirite)

what was funny was the guy who was punching my tags was like “so is he your boyfriend or”

and I was like “uh no I’m just a Sherlock Holmes fan”

and he was like “…I thought he was just called Watson”

also my fellow ambassadors have gotten decidedly cuter I was working with two ridiculously cute guys alllll day and we started drumming on empty sparklett bottles and it was so much fun

also omg csssa started today /MEMORIES

Day 115:

I volunteered at OCGP’s Pumpkin Harvest on Saturday and my supervisor kindly appointed me as the photographer for the day because I mentioned to her earlier in the year that I was interested in photography. So I ended up walking around the park at least a good 10 times taking pictures of the workers and visitors and was basically in the sun for 5 hours wearing my thick OCGP polo, black pants and riding boots. So a couple hundred photographs later, my face is 3 shades darker, my disappearing watch tan is now more ridiculous than when I came back from Italy, and I have a slight farmer’s tan. But I did manage to take some good pictures which is all that matters. This one was taken in the art gallery while I was taking a short break after lunch.