This is the summarize of my 7th post, the one about Pendulum cards and Pendulum summoning. Since this is a rather new topic, I thought that would be better if I’d explain it in a separate article from the other cards’ and monsters types.

Btw, if you want to know more about Pendulum monsters and Pendulum summoning, check my original article HERE.

I hope it will be clear to everyone, but if you have doubts, feel free to ask me!

Meantime, the fake husband who was NOT in NYC with Kerry (and I’ll leave it at that, LOL), is now in San Francisco.

I’ll be damned if I put his face on my blog when I can avoid it, so for those wanting to see confirmation, here is photo from twitter. (Thank you to the awesome ocgftg)


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In your posts, you sometimes mention "Sophia." Who are you speaking of?

Basically the Lore of this card is that She/It wanted to destroy everything and then remake things.

Sophia is practically the combined theory of Yuya being a God of Destruction and Yuzu being a Goddess of Creation, and fun fact is that it’s a Fairy type(Yuzu) and Dark Attribute(Yuya’s Dragon), so if Yuya and Yuzu turns out to be part of Sophia I won’t be surprised.


 【6/6(土)デュエリストパック- 決闘都市(バトル・シティ)編 - 発売!】決闘都市で激闘をくり広げたデュエリストの魂のカードが集結!デュエルスタンバイ!詳しくはコチラ>http://www.yugioh-card.com/japan/lineup/duel_monsters/duelist_pack_battle_city/?ref=ygtw …

On sale soon!


New collection of cards Call “Soul of the duelist” seem to be placed from Battle city days!

I am thinking this is just a way to hype since remaster Duel Monster DVD came out as well as the waiting arrival to the movie. You can click on the lineup cards on their website if you are looking for the Japanese versions but I am sure within time America/Europe will get their share!

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Ok, so here's some very important advice I really need. I started following you for Orphan Black & Last Tango In Halifax. What do I watch now??!

I mean the other things I blog about are Agent Carter, Call the Midwife and Jane the Virgin so would highly rec all of those


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