Why Lukas Podolski can benefit from joining MLS

I know leagues in Europe are “bigger and better”, but I really think Lukas can benefit from joining Major League Soccer if he decides to leave Arsenal. The league here in America is getting better and better every year especially with two new expansion teams joining next season. I can totally see him join New York City FC with David Villa and Frank Lampard or Orlando City FC with Kaka or even the New York Red Bulls with Thierry Henry and Tim Cahill.

I just started watching MLS after the World Cup and even though some people call it a “retirement league”, it’s actually a very fast and physical league and foreign players who transfer here are usually surprised by that fact and take awhile to adjust. However, I think Lukas can fit right in. He’s still physically fit and still has a lot of years left to play. He would also be a guaranteed starter since he’ll have Designated Player status. With Alexis Sanchez now in Arsenal, Lukas will probably be warming the bench longer.  

I also don’t think a transfer to MLS would affect his call-ups to the German National Team. The quality of of play in MLS is very competitive and continues to improve every season. Schweinski fans should have nothing to fear!!

And yes, MLS is a young league but we’re growing up fast and players like Podolski can only make us better! :) 

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Our take and the original. 

We wanted to take a more minimalist approach to the Nor'easters logo while seeking some inspiration from many of the German style crests and badges. 

We kept the color scheme but wanted to utilize a simple circle badge with the inner white circle being broken so as to create a natural OC within the badge. We used the offset horizontal stripes as an ode to the Nor'easters partnership with Reading FC in the UK. 

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