This Fight is for Us All

Dear 53%,

I understand where you are coming from regarding how you perceive The Occupy movement.  I am really happy for you and your ability to succeed despite all the roadblocks.  But please hear my sincerity when I say this:

You are next.

Do you really believe that your achievments are safe from the 1%?  They want it ALL, every last bit and that means you are in their crosshairs.

What happens to your small business when the next bubble pops?  What happens when your customers are no longer able to shop at your stores, or buy your products?  What happens when they crash the market again and everything you have managed to hang onto is destroyed?

Do you think the 1% is not coming after your wealth?  The rest of us have nothing left for them to take.  They already have our homes and our retirement funds.  You are the only ones with any wealth left and despite what you might think, the 99% are fighting to make sure they can’t destroy you as they did us.

You might be safe for now, but they ARE coming for yours and unless ALL fight they will get it.  Even now they are plotting ways to steal your wealth from you, and with their ability to buy politicians and craft the “law” to their benefit it is just a matter of time.  Licking their boots will get you nothing but a kick in the face.

But go ahead, keep believing you are safe.  I’ll save you a spot in the soup line.

See you soon.


The 99%

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