Saturday at 3:00pm - Sunday at 3:00pm
Humboldt State University Quad
This Saturday marks the second week that the Occupy Wallstreet movement has been camped out in Liberty Park, NYC. It is also Family weekend at Humboldt State University. Major corporate media have blacked-out any coverage of this protest.

The CSU system has raised tuition again and again while also raising administrator pay. Classes are being cut and faculty are being let go while the top 1% of CSU employees get pay raises. Over the last three years we have continued to pay more for less.

Meanwhile the VA has cut benefits to our Veteran’s which has caused some of our Vets to have to leave school.

It is time we stand in solidarity with those in NY. It is time we stand for something. Bring your tents, sleeping bags and musical instruments on Saturday to the HSU quad and lets support the Occupy Wall Street people. #OccupyHumboldt #OccupyWallSt Please share and repost as much as possible.

Occupy the Universities

“After 70 students staged a walk-out of Gregory Mankiw’s infamous Econ 10 last week, graduate and undergraduate students from all departments have now escalated the struggle.Yesterday students moved into the campus’s cherished Harvard Yard. By midnight, 500+ battled through police and security to set up an encampment, and now the eyes of the nation are having a double-take. There are serious rumblings in the aristocratic heartland.

Harvard University is a jewel in the crown of America’s economic armature, and its economics department has been a platform for years of an ongoing power struggle waged by an unburdened elite. The university’s top professors and deans, from Mankiw to Dr. Martin Feldstein to Dr. Lawrence Summers, were architects of the 2008 collapse and key authorities in the intellectual campaign for systemic deregulation.

If an occupation can happen at Harvard, it can happen anywhere. Now is the time for a global walk-out. Download a poster of the True Cost Economics Manifesto at and pin it up in the corridor of your department. Let’s start an all out meme war against our neoclassical profs and begin the task of ushering in a new bionomic, psychonomic, ecological economics paradigm.”

From Wall Street's favorite college to #Occupier

Hey, I went to Williams College. I don’t think I have mentioned that yet. It’s kind of a big deal, because it is the #1 ranked liberal arts college in America. But more than that, the people who go there matter (like the 1% kind). They go on to found businesses, become CEOs, and serve on the boards of many organizations. They are the leaders in their fields. Forbes Magazine favors Williams because of the high salaries of alumni and the number of listings in the Who’s Who in America. Let’s just say the guys over at Goldman’s and JPMorgan are well acquainted with Williams Econ/Math majors. Williams has a fair amount of the old-boy club about it, with its pillared ‘row’ houses, multi-million dollar privately funded construction projects, and generational loyalty. It’s a great place, honestly, especially when your full tuition of 50+ K is paid by a grant. (About 50% of the 2000 person student body gets some financial aid…which means half the school is also able to pay the full tuition.)

That is why I am proud to be a Williams graduate Occupier. I went to school there and learned to think progressively. I studied social movements and analyzed history. I wrote about third party politics and delved into theories of American government. I debated the characteristics of a good leader. I feel that my education at Williams has given me the perspective to come down on the side of justice. I am confident in saying I have an informed and principled view of matters (NOT saying I am always in the right, but I do strive to be in the elusive ‘public good’). So when #OccupyWallStreet launched a popular revolt against the profit-at-any-cost practices of the big banks and the failure of our political institutions to work for the people, I felt the weight of four years of privileged education behind me as I decided to stand in solidarity with #OccupyHumboldt this weekend.

I just wanted to point that out, in case my dual role as receiver of wealthy bounty and practitioner of revolutionary non-violence could inspire both my classmates who share my passion for creating a better world as well as my fellow protestors who may be happy to know their message has infiltrated the very breeding ground for next generation financiers.