Global ‘Occupy’ protests run gamut
As the anti-corporate protest movement Occupy Wall Street went global this weekend, it led to conflict in rough proportion to the economic problems of each country, from tear-gas and arson in debt-crippled Italy, to peaceful consensus and free sandwiches in comparably well-off Canada.

Police and protesters fought openly in the streets of Rome, a political hotspot in the Eurozone debt problem, where solidarity is strong for Occupy Wall Street and the indignados of Spain. Vehicles were torched, roads blockaded, a bomb detonated, and a church’s statue of the Virgin Mary smashed to bits.

Twenty-thousand marched in Portugal’s capital Lisbon, according to reports, another of the near-bankrupt so-called PIGS of Europe, with Italy, Greece and Spain.

In London, police warned protesters in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral, near the stock exchange, that their presence was “illegal and disrespectful,” but opted for “containment” over confrontation.

In New York, where protesters have grown from a downtown park into a microcosm of an underemployed nation, burdened with bad debt, and resentful of banks who pursued profit to economic collapse, thousands marched on Times Square, and nearly 100 people were arrested. Even more were held in Chicago, and 46 in Phoenix, as the Occupy movement took hold nationally.

But in Canada, where Adbusters magazine in Vancouver became the wellspring of the movement this summer by publishing the first call to “Occupy Wall Street,” all was more or less calm.

Photo: Protesters wear pig masks and business suits at the Vancouver Art Gallery at the Occupy Vancouver protest in Vancouver, on the weekend. (Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)

Guess what Ferry? No one wants you at the Occupy Vancouver rally. Regardless of this, please come and listen to what these “activists” have to say instead of blindly dismissing the concerns of your fellow citizens with your contemptuous use of quotations.

The VPD told you they’re preparing for a “substantial” gathering? Wow, great “investigative journalism” Ferry!  But don’t worry about the “usual nutbars” though, because anyone who is not a complete tool knows that the Vancouver riots were a result of an unchecked alcohol-fueled douchefest funded by the city and not a reaction to social inequality, you complete tool.  

By the way, which spokesperson for the diehard left told you that “the way to end inequality is to keep everybody equally poor “? Was it Tyler Durden the fictional antagonist in Fight Club? Or was it the very real zombie-Karl Marx who hides under your bed and makes you wee wee in your pjs?    

Now let’s talk about greed, a quality which most people see as the single most despicable and harmful human trait. A trait which throughout history has been the catalyst for war, famine, slavery and the untold deaths these atrocities have procured, yet one which you inexplicably seem to revere. Yes, greed is what gets some people out of bed in the morning. But it is also what keeps many people in bed these days, namely the sick and dying who are left to fend for themselves. May I remind you It’s also what caused record home foreclosures, mass unemployment and job insecurity, tanked economies not just in the U.S., but around the world, and caused the global market to lose so much confidence it now looks like Biff Tannen’s broken shell at the end of Back to the Future.

Yes Wall Street is in the U.S. and not Canada, but you would have to have an infantile understanding of not just international finance but the general way in which the world works to suggest that what happens on Wall Street does not affect the rest of the world. Are you an infant Ferry?

Also to suggest that those protesting the massive oversight and blatant disregard for the rule of law exhibited on Wall Street would do just as well to protest fighting in hockey or the moon boggles the mind. The moon, Ferry? THE MOON?!!! That was literally the single most idiotic thing I have ever read in my entire life. For you to understand the weight of that last statement, I feel it needs repeating. That was literally the single most idiotic thing I have ever read in my entire life. Ever.

You go on to make so many false claims and logical fallacies that I began to wonder. Maybe this man isn’t a moron or a right wing sympathiser of the elite 1%. Maybe all the stress of this last decade has caused this poor old man’s reality to completely shatter forcing his fragile psyche to rebuild a completely false reality in order to cope with the constantly looming threats of indiscernible terror, the ongoing superfluous wars,and the spiraling economic turmoil.

Maybe his mind has regressed back to the good old days when the biggest threat to the social and moral fabric of our society was those damned commies infecting the youth with their poisoned ideas and turning them into godless hippies and punks. Where any man with a stiff upper lip and a firm handshake can go out there and get that second or third job he needs to make an extra buck or two. A world in which CEOs get the exorbitant bonuses they deserve without public scrutiny, where Union leaders are lined up and shot for treason, and where instead of paying out pensions to retired public servants we turn them into tasty little crackers to feed those who are too lazy to afford food.

Ah yes, everything is wonderful isn’t it Ferry. You feel a constant warm sensation running down the length of your body. It feels like you’re standing under a giant chocolate fountain made of jobs and money. That’s the trickle down effect and it’s working just like Ronny said it would with the corporate elite at the top and the people of the downtown east side at the bottom just filling their buckets with all that trickle. But wait a minute why are these hippies protesting? It doesn’t make sense. They’re saying that the chocolate fountain is actually a shit fountain! IT DOESN”T MAKE SENSE DOES IT!

It makes me almost feel sorry for you. But then you go and suggest that the protesters should instead follow the sage wisdom of Sarah Palin and her Tea Party storm troopers in the U.S. with some sort of ridiculous “tax demo” and I think, maybe you are suffering from some sort of psychological trauma.  But most likely you’re just a complete tool.

Occupy San Francisco Protesters Shut Down Wells Fargo Building, 11 Arrested

In San Francisco, roughly 200 supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement temporarily shut down the headquarters of the Wells Fargo Bank Wednesday morning, leading to 11 arrests. The demonstrators reportedly posted blown-up foreclosure notices on the doors of the bank, held up by stickers reading, “We are the 99 percent.”

Carl Finamore, labor activist: “I was just asking these police officers how they felt, at this stage in their life, of protecting the banks against the people. And they’re trying to take the pensions from these cops, the same as they’re trying to do to us. United Airlines, I worked for. They took my pension. They took the pension of all the employees when they went into bankruptcy and they terminated it. So the last thing in the world I’d be doing is standing at the doorway interfering with the right of these peaceful, young people, with the right of assembly to protest what these banks have done to this society.”

Yeah, see this is what I’m talking about Vancouver & Nelson (BC), stick a fucking wrench in those gears…Protesting in front of the Art gallery or City Hall makes no damn sense…In the case of Van it’s art, how will it help to try and make it impossible for individuals to express their feelings to the general public? Enbridge building or any other multinational corporation headquarters/base of operations in the city (force them to take a hit for that day, it’s time the slimeballs lose a day worth of wages & get nothing accomplished)…Nelson, City Hall?…these are jobs held by our peers, it does nothing…We need to Occupy places that don’t belong to us and do damage to our community…like Walmart. If we protest at the places destined for our part of this global protest we do nothing…sure no one will get arrested but I believe the point is to become a nuisance to the powers that plan to make our lives a component in their currency shell game. Occupy is the key word, let’s rock it like we mean something….good on ya, San Fran.

A Vancouver lawyers perspective on the impending court injunction against #OccupyVancouver

A. Cameron Ward & Company

It was wrong to use the courts to enjoin and punish Martin Luther King Jr. for marching in the streets of Birmingham in the 1960’s and it’s just as wrong today to invoke that process to clamp down on the Occupy Vancouver activists, no matter how misguided their movement may be.

The problem with this approach is, as some courageous B.C. judges have pointed out, that the court is forced to enter the fray, rather than fill its traditional role as an impartial arbiter. A judge will be asked to craft a sort of criminal law of general application, then invite the police to enforce it and then punish those who disobey the court’s injunction order with extraordinary contempt of court sanctions.


This has the potential to get very messy, as ws the case when injunctions were granted to MacMillan Bloedel to prevent environmentalists from protesting against clearcut logging in Clayoquot Sound in the early 1990’s. Hundreds of well-intentioned folks from all walks of life were tried en masse and jailed for expressing their opinions peacefully, in what I concluded, as a lawyer involved in the process, were some of the darkest days our legal system endured.

It remains to be seen whether history will repeat itself.


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