Occupy Wall Street celebrates 1-year Anniversary

September 15, 2012. New York. Like the 20-somethings many of them are, Occupy Wall Street isn’t just celebrating its birthday. It’s celebrating its birthday weekend. Music, marches, speeches and protests are already underway in New York’s financial district with a concert scheduled for Sunday afternoon at Foley Square. Read on for a list of the 3-day celebration’s events.


Growing Crowd Of Hong Kong Protestors Jeer Chinese Communist Anniversary Celebration

Growing Crowd Of Hong Kong Protestors Jeer Chinese Communist Anniversary Celebration

Hong Kong Protest Draws Biggest Crowds Yet On Holiday Celebrating Communist Party



” On a holiday meant to celebrate the birth of China’s communist republic, Hong Kong residents instead swarmed the streets Wednesday to protest Beijing’s iron grip over their government and demand democratic reforms.

  The massive crowds…

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Today is the 3rd anniversary of Occupy Providence! We marched in that mf’er like We The People and turned the park into working clasd headquarters for four months worth of revolutionary action. Best time of my life. For a list of our direct actions check my blog at facebook.com/JaredPaulLive! POWER TO THE PEOPLE